The Costco Item Instagram Thinks Is Ridiculously Salty

Costco offers a slew of products from companies big and small. Some of these products are universally loved by shoppers, and others tend to be a bit more controversial. With the help of the internet, Costco devotees near and far can easily share their opinions on these products with one another. One of the most popular forums for opinion-sharing is the comment section of popular company-run and fan-run Instagram accounts. 

Sometimes, customers talk about products in hopes that Costco itself will tune into the conversation and implement the changes to products that they are asking for; if enough shoppers vocalized the same complaint, perhaps something would be done to give them the version of the products they demand. Other times, they merely want to support fellow shoppers by tipping them off on which products are worth their dollars. Either way, shoppers struggling to choose from the cornucopia of products that is Costco may find Instagram to be a useful resource. This post is a prime example of how.

The product that took the spotlight, for better or worse

On July 18th, the popular customer-created Instagram account Costco Buys uploaded a photo promoting the organic caramelized onion and white cheddar chicken burgers from Amylu Foods that are on sale until July 24. In the caption, the user applauded its flavor, convenient preparation, clean ingredients, and nutritional profile. 

Despite the positive sentiment around the burgers, this post amassed mixed reviews in the comment section. While many enthusiastically confirmed that the burgers are "delicious," a complaint that appeared in multiple comments was about the sodium level of the burgers. Not only do they taste super salty, as one user pointed out, but the actual sodium content per burger is a whopping 620 mg according to the nutrition label. For context, that is over a quarter of the recommended daily intake for an American adult (via CDC). This means that if someone wanted to eat two patties for dinner, they would be consuming more than half of the RDI in one sitting. This may be why some commenters were concerned about the sodium content.

Nevertheless, every shopper is different at the end of the day. If you are eager to try this or any other product, Instagram comments are not the ultimate judge of their value — the opinion that matters most is your own.