The Upgraded Taco Bell Nacho BellGrande Order That Has Reddit Drooling

Let's face it: We all love Taco Bell for a long list of reasons, and that number of reasons may or may not be correlated with the number of menu items the fast food chain has to offer. That number only gets longer when customers harness their creativity to make the custom orders of their dreams. With a little imagination and a lot of empty stomach space, the opportunities are endless.

However, those who don't have either of those things do not have to worry about missing out on all that Taco Bell has to offer, as many innovative customers will take to social media to share their special orders, inspiring fellow Taco Bell enthusiasts all over to give them a try. If anyone is not sure where to look for said special orders, the Taco Bell subreddit page is a great place to start. That's exactly where this mouthwatering order on Reddit has been inspiring hundreds.

The Nacho Bell Grande, elevated

The order is based on the Taco Bell Nachos BellGrande, a beloved menu item that is usually made with nacho chips and covered in beef, sour cream, tomatoes, beans, and nacho cheese sauce (via Taco Bell). As decadent as the order may already seem, a member of the popular Taco Bell subreddit shared a post about how they have taken certain liberties to give the Nachos BellGrande a serious upgrade that has sparked an ongoing conversation in the forum. The changes? First, they ask for no sour cream or tomatoes. Then, they add rice and the three cheese blend. It is so simple, and yet it gives the dish an entirely new look and taste. Other users left comments either thanking the inventor for sharing the idea or offering suggestions to take the order up even another notch, like adding in jalapeños for a kick or omitting the beans to make the chips less soggy. 

Whether you try out this custom, keep it classic, or add a twist of your own, the internet has reminded us once again that when it comes to upping your Taco Bell game, there is no limit to what you can do.