Redditors Are Divided Over Walmart's Odd Donation Method

A company as large as Walmart is probably expected to help out by giving money to people who need it, and considering that it can raise in excess of $572 billion in revenue a year (via Fortune), the corporation should have more than a few cents left over to support worthy causes.

Indeed, Walmart has been teamed up with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals since 1987, raising more than $1 billion in the process. Every year, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals helps 170 hospitals in the U.S. and Canada provide 32 million treatments to children.

Although Walmart's backing of the charity is a very noble dedication, Redditors have been pondering the ethics of one of the company's fundraising methods. A photo uploaded to Reddit shows a giant metal cage next to rows of shopping carts with a message saying: "Help! I'm in jail and I need bail!" The cost of release is shown to have been altered from $20 to $200, and Redditors believe a member of Walmart staff would have to stand in the cell until enough funds are made to release them — which some think isn't an appropriate way to treat staff.

Redditors have mixed feelings about the cell

The uploader of Walmart's charitable cell can't hide their disdain, captioning the Reddit post: "I'm all for charity, but what kinda crap is this." In a comment, the uploader says that a coworker told them they have to stand in the cage until they generate $20 in donations. Repliers are saying the role is voluntary, but others argue there would be no way to use the toilet or get water, as well as that Walmart should donate its own money. Given the criticism of Walmart's working conditions and pay (via The Guardian), perhaps putting workers in a cage isn't the best employee relations message.

Other stores use cells for fundraising, including Walmart Streator on Facebook showing a grinning employee wearing a black-and-white striped prisoner uniform, and Magee News reporting on two Walmart workers wearing orange jumpsuits raising money for a local children's hospital.

Other Redditors are joking around. One user wants to be able to throw pies at workers in the cell, while many people are saying they'd happily be paid to stand in it and do nothing.