Every SmartWater Flavor Ranked Worst To Best

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Even if you're not an athlete, it's important to stay hydrated, especially when the hotter seasons strike the northern hemisphere. Drinking water is very important for your health for a large number of reasons, including hydration, assisting digestion, and aiding in nutrient absorption (via Healthline). Sometimes, however, you don't want to drink a plain bottle of water and would rather turn to something like soda or juice instead. But having one of these drinks isn't as healthy as a bottle of water, as they're typically loaded with sugars, according to NPR. Fortunately, there is a middle ground between water and those flavored drinks: SmartWater.

SmartWater is a bottled water brand that uses electrolytes and natural flavorings to add a little extra something to each serving. There are many different kinds of bottled SmartWater, some that simply contain extra antioxidants and minerals and others that add a little more flavor to each sip. Of course, some varieties of SmartWater are a little bit tastier than others. Here are all of the SmartWater products ranked from worst to best, so the next time you're looking for a healthy electrolyte drink, you'll know which products are worth your time.

Passionfruit Mango

Mango is a tropical fruit typically found in juices and salsa. Passionfruit, on the other hand, is a fruit that is commonly found in smoothies, cocktails, and other cold beverages. This next SmartWater drink takes these two fruit flavors and adds them to water. Typically, this would make for a wonderfully tropical-tasting beverage, but when it comes to the Passionfruit Mango SmartWater, things just don't add up to a drink you'd want to try more than once. It's made out of vapor-distilled water with natural passionfruit and mango flavors infused into it, but upon trying the drink, you might not even be able to tell what it's supposed to taste like.

This SmartWater flavor was one that we were excited about, as the premise of a fresh flavored water with mango and passionfruit really enticed us. However, if you're looking for a mango and passionfruit beverage, this isn't the one to buy. It doesn't taste good, and the small number of online reviews for this flavor that exist back this up. On the Target website, the product only has a one-star rating, with reviewers comparing the water to drinking a bottle of chemicals or soap. Out of all of the SmartWater flavors out there, this is the one we recommend you avoid if you can help it.

Pineapple Kiwi

When you think of kiwis in juices and drinks, you probably think about the unforgettable strawberry and kiwi combination that is commonly found in drinks such as Capri Sun. There are other fruits that kiwis can be paired with, however, that make for an equally refreshing beverage. That includes this next SmartWater flavor, which is Pineapple Kiwi. This bottled water takes the sweet, tropical flavor of pineapple and pairs it with the subtle taste of kiwi. You can differentiate this flavor of water from the regular SmartWater flavors because of the light yellow bottle cap on the Pineapple Kiwi bottle. 

There are pretty mixed reviews of the Pineapple Kiwi flavor, and unfortunately, a good portion of them seem to be a bit more disappointed in the drink than not. Many feel as though this water has a poor taste, with one reviewer even going as far as to compare the experience of drinking this beverage with "licking an old melon rind." And that's not just unsatisfied Amazon shoppers. On the Target website, the SmartWater flavor only has a 2.4 out of 5 star rating. There are some people on there who feel as though the drink is rated rather harshly, but the general consensus seems to be that Pineapple Kiwi SmartWater isn't the brand's strongest showing.

Strawberry Blackberry

Blackberries and strawberries are found in a number of cocktails, fruit juices, and other drinks. They are also the two chief flavors that are infused into the Strawberry Blackberry SmartWater. The beverage is sold in a bottle with a light pink cap and flavored with blackberry and strawberry essence. Like all the other drinks the brand carries, it's filled with added electrolytes and supposedly has a pure, crisp taste. While the idea of a strawberry blackberry-flavored water sounds good on paper, we believe SmartWater could have executed that flavor a bit better with this electrolyte drink.

There are many people who think this drink tastes good. One reviewer writes that the light flavors of strawberry and blackberry taste similar to a sweet soft serve ice cream. This paints the drink in a good light, but there are other reviewers who don't find the flavor as appealing, with one consumer writing that it tastes like an empty, cheap ice pop and another saying that it tastes terrible. Overall, the reception to this drink's flavor is pretty mixed, and that reflects how you might feel about it. We can see why some people would like this drink, but don't be surprised if you don't find it as refreshing as some of the others.

SmartWater + Clarity

Green Tea is a beverage that seems to have found a permanent place on many coffee shop menus. Part of its popularity has to do with its health benefits. Green tea can help your digestive system, boost your brain, and reduce your risk of heart problems, and it's filled with antioxidants. SmartWater + Clarity water is made with of ginseng and green tea extracts, making for a light yet well-rounded flavor. Green tea on its own is quite healthy, but when you pair ginseng and green tea together, you may want to think twice and be careful.

In small doses, ginseng can be quite healthy for you and help treat diabetes and the common cold, according to MedlinePlus. However, having too much of it could result in various health effects, including both low and high blood pressure (via Livestrong). While this SmartWater drink's use of ginseng extract shouldn't be a problem unless you consume an enormous amount of it, we can't help but be a little wary of this drink. If you have it on occasion, however, you're in for a water that has a nice, light tea taste, so this SmartWater does have that going for it.

SmartWater Original

The first decent SmartWater product on this list is the original SmartWater drink. Typically, we put original flavors closer to the top of the list due to the iconic taste they carry, along with the nostalgia we get out of eating or drinking them. Other times, however, original flavors can be seen more as a base for other flavors of a food or drink item. So just because it's in the bottom half of the list, the original SmartWater isn't bad by any means, it's just that all the other SmartWater flavors are essentially this one with a little extra something added to them that makes them more appetizing or enticing than this water.

The original SmartWater does everything it needs to do. It's crisp, hydrating, and filled with electrolytes to give it a leg up on drinking regular water at home. It's also vapor-distilled, meaning that the water is free of any other substances, making it one of the "cleanest" forms of water that can be created by humans (via Sciencing). Overall, this bottled water has a lot going for it, but that's honestly all we can say, since it is just water. You could make the argument that it doesn't get better than clean-tasting water, but don't be surprised about the lack of extra flavor compared to the other SmartWater drinks.


There isn't much of a difference between the taste of this next SmartWater product and what comes before it, as it's pretty much just water with a whole lot of minerals and electrolytes.  At first glance, there's only one difference between SmartWater Alkaline and the original SmartWater, and that's the color of its labeling, which is changed from blue to black. What's inside the bottle, while it may seem like regular water, is so much more. It's ionized to a 9+pH, meaning that it's basic (or alkaline), rather than acidic.

The only thing that makes this water stand out among the other SmartWaters is the fact that it's alkalinized. It doesn't typically cost any more money than the original water, so it gets bonus points for the alkalinization. However, there is some controversy around alkaline water. Some argue that the water aids in immune system support, weight loss, cancer resistance, and other bodily functions, while some professionals say that the water doesn't have enough research backing it (via Healthline). Even though there's a bit of uncertainty surrounding the health benefits of alkaline water, there is a chance that it could offer further health benefits, and even if it doesn't, it's still got all the minerals and electrolytes that the original water does, which is why it ranks higher.


The last non-flavored water we have on this list is the Antioxidant SmartWater. Like the alkaline and original SmartWaters, there isn't any added flavor in this variety. It's sold with a light blue label and the water is clear, so nothing seems too special about this drink on the surface. Just as the previous drinks did, this water is made through the process of vapor distillation and has added electrolytes in it. As the name implies, the only thing that's really significant or different about this SmartWater drink is the added antioxidants.

The Antioxidant SmartWater is made using antioxidant selenium. Selenium, according to the National Institutes of Health, is a trace element naturally found in many foods and contains a couple of dozen selenoproteins. These selenoproteins aid in reproduction, DNA synthesis, and protection against infection, among other things. Knowing this, the Antioxidant SmartWater has a leg up on both the normal water and the alkaline water, since the health benefits of antioxidants aren't as disputed and have a bit more proof behind them. It's a great way to refresh yourself, though along with all the added electrolytes and other healthy minerals, it still has the same taste as the other two waters.

SmartWater + Renew

When you think of dandelions, you likely think of the pretty yellow flowers you pass on the sidewalk. They aren't just beautiful to look at, however. Like many plants, dandelions actually contain a great number of health benefits. According to Mount Sinai, dandelions contain vitamins such as A, B, C, and D, along with minerals like potassium and zinc. You shouldn't just pluck a dandelion from the side of the road and plop it in your mouth, however, as there are far more safe and delicious ways to go about having it. While you can have dandelion tea, if you're looking for a cooler, lighter beverage, look no further than the SmartWater + Renew drink.

The Renew SmartWater is made out of both dandelion and lemon extracts. This makes for a pretty healthy drink, but your flavored water can't just be healthy — it has to taste good, as well. For the most part, fortunately, people enjoy this SmartWater, praising the light lemon taste and the health benefits that come from the dandelion. There is one reviewer who likens the drink to having a mouthful of a newly mowed lawn, but the positive reviews offset the negative one. Overall, this drink has loads of health benefits and a nice, light flavor, so we recommend you give it a try.

SmartWater + Support

There's a lot that's packed into a single bottle of SmartWater. With electrolytes, minerals, and a crisp, fresh, taste, it seems like you get just about everything you'd ask for out of a bottle of water, and more. The SmartWater company, however, is never satisfied in its efforts to provide great tasting, refreshing, and healthy waters, and also carries a line of their beverages that have a little more added to them in terms of minerals and health benefits. The first of these is the SmartWater + Support drink, which is made up of black currant and blueberry extracts to create a unique and crisp flavor.

The support drink has all the usual electrolytes and minerals, but the added use of black current is what really sets this water above some of the others. Black currant has numerous health benefits, including being chock-full of various vitamins and a great immune booster (via Healthline). The tart black currant flavor is paired with the sweeter taste of blueberry and makes for a nice, light, and super healthy bottle of water. It isn't the most popular flavor of SmartWater just yet, but if you happen to come across it in stores, we think you'll get a kick out of it.

Cucumber Lime

When you go to the spa, or have your own spa day at the house, everything from the music to your beverages is crafted in order to keep you relaxed, refreshed, and feeling good. A common beverage to find at a spa is water with a slice of lemon, lime, or cucumber in it. Cucumber water on its own is very refreshing, and pairing it with the tangy, citrusy taste of lime makes it all the better. This leads us to our next flavor of SmartWater, which is Cucumber Lime. Made out of completely natural flavors, this drink is definitely one of the better SmartWater flavors. No matter where you drink it, it makes you feel like you're having your own little moment at the spa.

If you're looking for a refreshing flavored water drink with light hints of both cucumber and lime, then look no further. Not only do you get the extra boost of electrolytes, but you are also hit with a zesty lime flavor, as well as the fresh, mild taste of cucumber. This seems to be one of SmartWater's more popular flavors, with many reviews on the Walmart site agreeing that the Cucumber Lime SmartWater carries a refreshing, crisp, and light flavor. You might find a scattered reviewer here or there who wasn't a fan of the cucumber or lime taste, and if you don't like cucumbers, you may be a bit warier about this flavor. But even if you're the pickiest of beverage enjoyers, you'll likely find this SmartWater very refreshing.

Smartwater + Tranquility

At the top of the list, we have the Smartwater + Tranquility drink. This water is made just as all the other flavored beverages SmartWater sells are, through the process of vapor distillation. It's also made with ashwagandha and tangerine extracts, with the tangerine extract providing a wonderfully citrusy taste. The ashwagandha, a type of herb, is what really adds to this drink, as according to Forbes, it can aid in reducing stress, blood sugar, and fat. It also boosts heart health and possibly increases muscle and strength. This makes ashwagandha a pretty powerful herb, and a fantastic ingredient to be incorporated into this SmartWater.

Not only is this drink extremely healthy, but it tastes great, too. It's one of SmartWater's most highly-rated flavored products, boasting 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon with over 700 reviews. For the most part, people are in agreement that it tastes wonderful, describing the flavor as citrusy and floral. The ashwagandha adds a little bit of an earthy undertone to the tangerine's citrusy pop. The Tranquility drink is crisp, refreshing, and has a good flavor, and what more could you ask for that it doesn't have? If you like lightly flavored waters, along with the sweet taste of tangerine, you can find it in this last SmartWater drink — and stay hydrated and healthy, all at once.