The Spicy Pepper Challenge Ryan Reynolds Gave Steve-O In A Funny New Ad

When we hear about celebrities being borderline tortured in a spicy food eating challenge, our minds immediately go to the First We Feast show "Hot Ones." But this time, host Sean Evans is off the hook, and Ryan Reynolds is the one forcing another celebrity to eat something fiery. Luckily, the star in question has a lot of experience when it comes to putting his body through the ringer. We're talking about "Jackass" star and stuntman Steve-O.

Steve-O is kind of notorious for the things he's put his body through in the name of entertainment. He was even once badly injured in a Jackass-style stunt involving rocket fuel, only to cap the whole thing off by draining the fluid from a burn blister and drinking it from a shot glass. So when actor Reynolds decided to partner with Steve-O to promote his new software brand MNTN, he came up with a challenge that perhaps only someone with an iron stomach could handle: eating a Carolina Reaper pepper (via Today). After chugging one's own burn blister juice, a Carolina Reaper must seem like nothing ... right?

Why did Steve-O eat a hot pepper?

So, why did Ryan Reynolds make Steve-O eat a Carolina Reaper pepper, and what does that have to do with a software brand? Well, MNTN's software helps other brands place ads on TV. In an attempt to show just how easy it is to use, Reynolds offered Steve-O the chance to promote his own brand, Steve-O's Hot Sauce For Your Butthole (yes, that's actually the name) using MNTN ... after eating a Carolina Reaper (via Today). For those not in the know, the Carolina Reaper used to be the hottest chili in the world before hobbyist Mike Smith grew the world's new hottest pepper, "Dragon's Breath." In the past, eating a Caroline Reaper pepper has even sent someone to the ER — but how did Steve-O fare?

"My whole throat is on fire like I just drank lava," Steve-O claims in the video. His face turned bright red, as he snorts, coughs, and expresses his general all-around pain. Unfortunately for Reynolds, Steve-O wasn't able to finish telling people about MNTN before grabbing a glass of milk — a good move, considering that drinking milk really does help with spicy food. His reaction makes us wonder how well he handles his own hot sauce, which is made with Scorpion, Naga Jolokia, and Carolina Reaper peppers (per We have a feeling that even if Steve-O finds it painfully spicy, it doesn't stop him from putting it on everything.