Twitter Is Absolutely Vibing To The Costco Hold Music

As any consumer would agree, no experience can be quite as painstaking as a phone call with customer service. Whether you have a general question or a complaint about a product, customer service phone calls can either make or break your perception of the company you are calling. Long hold times, incompetent representatives, and limited automated voice commands are known to push even the most cool, calm, and collected of callers off of the deep end. We have all been there.

This universal dread is what makes the occasional good phone call experience feel so exceptionally great, even if it's just one aspect of the call that enhances the experience. A customer who called Costco was fortunate enough to have one of these rarely pleasant experiences. To the delight of the internet, he enthusiastically commended the store via Twitter after the call. The highlight of the calling experience? The hold music.

The ditty disrupting the customer service narrative

Twitter user @GarkMavigan shared their appreciation for Costco's special phone line tune in a tweet that read, "The costco hold music ... kinda slaps?" They attached a video with a two-minute loop of the music to prove that claim. Since July 2022 when it was first posted, the tweet has amassed almost 200 likes and 35 retweets. As it turns out, the smooth, happy, and upbeat vibe does make the music undeniably catchy. Another Costco shopper had posted a tweet four years prior comparing the phone line's hold music to the theme music for Wii Sports, the beloved Nintendo game, which may be why it sparks such a joyful reaction. 

Anyone with experience calling customer service would agree that the hold music is a critical element of the waiting experience. In a perfect world, callers would have access to help without having to wait, but until that is achieved, they should at least be able to enjoy some fun tunes while they do wait. Some shoppers may have certain complaints about Costco's bad decisions, but they certainly can not say that the store's hold music fails to deliver.