How Jim Beam Can Give Your Adult Sports Team A Total Upgrade

Adult recreational sports leagues are a great opportunity to make friends and get some exercise, while enjoying some friendly competition. It can be a hustle, however, for teams to keep themselves afloat financially. Mitch Scuzzarella, who has enjoyed several seasons playing for the Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club in New York City, a member of the International Gay Rugby Association, told Mashed that the dues collected from each player must be supplemented by an aggressive fundraising effort. His team has sold calendars and organized annual drag shows, weekly raffles, and volunteer projects to make ends meet. "It's expensive," Scuzzarella said. "We have to rent fields, pay coaches, and travel to and from games."

Off the field, as The Washington Post notes, adult sports league participants often enjoy socializing in bars and restaurants. "Drinking is a good way to blow off steam when we lose or celebrate when we win," Scuzzarella said. It perhaps comes as little surprise, then, that one of the best-selling bourbons around has decided to get into the game (no pun intended). And it's doing so with a unique contest that's sure to leave the winner as their team's MVP.

Jim Beam asks: 'Does your recreation sports team need a refresh?'

Adult sports leagues looking for a creative way to make ends meet can look to Jim Beam for help. The Jim Beam Rec Refresh offers teams (with players aged 21 and older) a bevy of prizes that can help their team financially. Among the prizes are a $5,000 gift card for fees and equipment expenses, and other gift cards valued at $1,000 for "ingredients for Handmade Highball cocktail fixings for post-game gatherings." Other prizes include a virtual coaching session with a former professional baseball player and All-Star Nick Swisher, a drink cooler, and customized team swag (per Jim Beam Rec Refresh).

So how can your team win any of these prizes? Applicants need only share a favorite memory with their recreational team in 250 words or less to enter. That's it! However, if you decide to simply enjoy those post-game happy hours, you may want to meet at the best sports bar in your state to celebrate — or forget — the score.