Martha Stewart Just Announced A Collab With An Unexpected Clothing Brand

Martha Stewart never stops dropping surprises on her legions of fans. Whether it's the sad news that some of her peacocks were attacked by coyotes (via Instagram), the ongoing friendship between Martha and Snoop Dogg, or the lifestyle icon's admission to Ellen Degeneres that she has experience with sexting (via YouTube), news from Stewart-land is never boring. What she recently told Instagram is no exception, and it's especially exciting news for the merch-lovers among us. Stewart shared an Instagram reel depicting her pulling something out of an oven. But instead of the standard roast chicken or baked good you'd expect from the queen of home living, she had a sweatshirt hidden in there, but not just any sweatshirt: It's a special collaborative sweatshirt with the avant-garde clothing brand Anti Social Social Club. 

The Los Angeles-based brand is known for funky streetwear and off-the-wall collaborations, for example, past collaborations include Playboy, Hotwheels, and Hello Kitty (per Hidden Hype). Founder Neek Lurk, who was Social Marketing Manager at Stussy, once told Hypebeast that Anti Social Social Club began as a "life project" rather than a brand, and said that the worst advice he's ever received is to make a business plan. Despite the lack of a business plan, Anti Social Social Club merch routinely sells out, and it's likely that the Martha Stewart capsule will do the same, at least according to Martha. She wrote in her Instagram caption, "Set your clocks!!!! They will be a sell out!!!!!!!"

Martha Stewart loves seafood and merch

The sweatshirts and T-shirts will feature recent iconic images of Martha Stewart, one of her slurping an oyster and the other of her holding up a lobster. They're available in white or black and feature Stewart's name and Anti Social Social Club in a shimmering pink font. Per Page Six, sweatshirts will be $84.69 and T-shirts will be $52.69. HighSnobiety says that the collab will be a boon for the brand after a few years of repetitive and lackluster designs. The deal comes on the heels of Marquee Brands acquiring Anti Social Social Club. Marquee also owns, you guessed it, the Martha Stewart empire.

Meanwhile, Stewart is getting ready to open a new restaurant in Las Vegas, The Bedford. Coincidentally, Las Vegas is Neek Lurk's hometown, per Hypebeast. The restaurant is inspired by Stewart's own country farmhouse in Bedford, New York, per Martha Stewart. It's meant to offer an immersive experience of how Martha eats in her own home. The restaurant even has different rooms that match the rooms in Stewart's house. It will be located inside The Paris Hotel. Though you'll have to wait to plan a trip to the new Vegas restaurant, the merch is almost here. The collab drops Saturday, July 30th at 8:00 AM Pacific and 11:00 AM Eastern.