The Budget-Friendly Aldi Breakfast That Had Reddit Drooling

While breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, it can also be the hardest meal to squeeze into your day. More often than not, hectic mornings begin with snoozed alarm clocks and end with coffee to-go and no breakfast. Many people would much rather sleep an extra thirty minutes than deal with the dreaded day ahead. But as it turns out, there's a reason that people preach about the significance of a morning meal. According to Rush, eating breakfast in the morning switches your metabolism into high gear, which prompts your body to begin burning calories. If you skip out on your morning meal, you're not only likely to eat more unhealthy snacks throughout the day, but your body is also tricked into preserving calories.

Rather than miss out on your morning meal entirely, there is a more preferable antidote: breakfast recipes perfect for busy mornings. From 20-minute breakfast tacos to simple porridge to quick banana pancakes, there are so many easy breakfast recipes out there that double as healthy meals. In fact, Reddit users have been raving about an Aldi product that makes the perfect quick breakfast option when you are in a bind.

Corned beef hash gets crispy in an air fryer

User @crlindler1 took to Reddit to spotlight a Aldi product that has changed their personal breakfast experience. This solid and affordable breakfast staple? Corned beef hash. "Corned Beef Hash is such a great budget friend breakfast that's soooo good! Less than $2 a can. With some toast and/or eggs, it's wonderful and don't see it talked about on here often," the Redditor wrote.

Many users echoed their appreciation for this budget-friendly breakfast option in the comments section. Some also suggested the best ways to cook this product in order to avoid the mistakes everyone makes with canned corn beef. One commenter, @Mallrat1973, recommended mixing the product with eggs and cooking it in an air fryer until it's "crispy and delicious." They suggested cooking it at "380F for 10 minutes. Make 2 indentations in the top with a spoon and crack an egg in each. Then [cook] at 360F for 6-8 minutes."

Even the users who appeared to be corned beef hash skeptics seemed intrigued by this Aldi product. @Grovewood offered some words of wisdom to breakfast goers who have been turned off by canned meat and potatoes in the past. "You have to look past what the original contents out of can look like (looks like caned[sic] dog or cat food.) Once you toss it in a skillet and fry it up, it will change your whole outlook on breakfast." Duly noted!