Hooters Has A BOGO Chicken Wing Deal You Won't Want To Miss

Let's face it, Hooters is known for two things: chicken wings and the girls who serve them. In fact, Hooters' famous wings are so popular that the chain launched a series of smaller locations in 2021. These smaller versions of Hooters, called Hoots, specialize in takeout and delivery of -– you guessed it –- chicken wings (via Culture Map).

According to the Hooters website, the chain's chicken wings come in six varieties, including original, boneless, and smoked, which you can then pair with a sauce or dry rub of your choosing. Sauces and rubs range in heat from a mild BBQ all the way up to spicy garlic, with more than a dozen other options in between.

So if you're hungry for some chicken wings, today is your lucky day. On July 29 only, Hooters is running a BOGO chicken wing special. Yup, that's right, double the wings, double the sauce, double the yum. 

What's the deal with Hooters' BOGO chicken wings?

If you want to eat double the chicken wings at Hooters or invite a friend along to split a few orders, today's the day to do it. In honor of National Chicken Wing Day, Hooters is offering a BOGO special on its chicken wings. But how exactly do you take advantage of this one-day-only deal?

Per Chew Boom, all you have to do to get your BOGO chicken wings is order 10 wings at your Hooters location of choice. After you've ordered your 10 wings, you can get an additional 10 boneless wings, free of charge.

And if dining in isn't your style, you can also order your favorite Hooters wing flavor and your free boneless wings as takeout or delivery (via Facebook). Have a nice Friday night at home, kick back with your wings, your cat, and that episode of "The Office" where Jim and Michael have a horribly awkward lunch at Hooters. You know the one.