The Hilarious Makeup Line Applebee's Just Dropped

The restaurant chain more commonly known for bar fare and affordable cocktails is branching out into an attractive new area — literally. That's right, Applebee's is launching a new makeup line, and it's just as saucy as one might expect.

The tongue-in-cheek line comes just in time for National Wing Day and National Lipstick Day, both of which are today (July 29). The line is being released in partnership with Winky Lux, a skincare and makeup brand, according to a company press release. Together, they are bringing "Saucy Gloss" to the world, which is described as "a collection of four lip glosses inspired by Applebee's wing sauces, to make your kisses more craveable." So if the one you love also loves wings, these savory glosses just might do the trick.

This isn't the first time food and beauty brands have teamed up, nor the first time Applebee's has used enticing promotions to draw customers. The ultra-popular $1 drink promotion regularly offers affordable cocktails in fun flavors like Vodka Rum Frostbite, Vodka Strawberry Lemonade, and the "Dollarita." This effort has lured customers back to the sit-down dining establishment, says Adweek, and effectively helped it "buck the decline in casual dining." Hey, whatever gets customers in the door, right?

Here's what to expect from Applebee's lip glosses

Intrigued by wing-flavored lip glosses? Beauty brand Winky Lux's joint venture with Applebee's is available on the Winky Lux website. Each gloss is $18, and a 4-pack goes for $65. The glosses are available in shades like Get Me Hot Buffalo, which is described as a "creamy coral" with a "hot buffalo spice your ex could never have handled." The Sweet Chile Kiss shade is billed as a "deep rich red." It contains a "hint of fine golden chile specks." Then, there's the Honey BBQ-T, which claims a "shiny, smoky barbeque hue" with a "side of honey sweetness." The fourth shade, Be My Honey Pepper, is described as "a gorgeous golden honey-spiced gloss." Each one is billed as both gluten-free and cruelty-free, so people can wear them without fear of allergy or feeling bad about animal testing.

So far, people on social media have had a great time talking about the limited-time glosses. One commenter on the Applebee's Instagram account calls them "groundbreaking," and another one said, "Omg my husband gonna eat me like a snack." Others aren't so sure about the collab, with one person saying, "Is this a bloody joke," and another commenting, "Oh god honey no." To each his own, apparently. Especially when it comes to food-flavored makeup.