The McDonald's PlayPlace Meme Instagram Can't Get Enough Of

For many of us, McDonald's was a big part of our childhoods. We would beg our parents to get us one of McDonald's famous Happy Meals, complete with an exciting little toy. Babies of the '90s and early '00s were particularly lucky, with Happy Meal prizes like Barbies, Teenie Beanie Babies, Hot Wheels, Sega retro handheld games, and mini Build-A-Bear stuffies (via Quality Logo Products Blog).

But the fun didn't end there. If we were lucky enough to eat our Happy Meal in McDonald's dining room, we might be able to convince our parents to give us a few minutes in the PlayPlace. Sure, these fast food playgrounds were breeding grounds for all kinds of germs, and the tunnels and slides held enough static charge to zap us into the next century, but it was all part of the experience. You know, up until our parents yelled at us to get out and put our shoes back on to go home.

McDonald's meme calls out PlayPlace lovers

The PlayPlace had a big part in many of our childhoods, and McDonald's knows it. But not only does McDonald's know about our love for the PlayPlace — the fast food chain is well aware of the lengths our parents had to go to in order to get us out of the PlayPlace when it was time to go home.

In an Instagram post, McDonald's called out our childhoods with a meme reading, "POV: Your parents just threatened to leave you at the McDonald's PlayPlace if you don't come out right this second." The chain captioned the post, "They're gonna have to climb up the slide and get me."

Clearly, this was extremely relatable, as more than 40,000 people liked the post. One person commented, "Or [your parents] will pretend to walk away until you get scared and do come. Always works." Another person wrote, "Sending this to my parents right now and telling them I regret nothing." A third commenter said they were lost in the sauce, but which of McDonald's dipping sauces? Spicy BBQ? Ranch? Sweet 'n sour? We may never know.