Why A Trader Joe's Shopper Is Furious With Its Blueberry Muffins

Although plenty of Trader Joe's food items have cult followings, other products aren't so lucky. For instance, many Trader Joe's shoppers recommend avoiding items like the pre-made sushi, wraps and sandwiches, the Joe's O's cereal, the milk, and the cauliflower pizza crust (via RealSimple). Oh, and it's not just that the sushi is bad — in a review for BuzzFeed on YouTube, one professional sushi chef gave it a rating of "negative zero."

That's not to say these products are awful, but they do leave many shoppers disappointed. Hundreds of Reddit users have complained about Trader Joe's organic ranch dressing, its frozen pho, its queso, its orange chicken, its kimchi and tofu soup, and countless other products.

Unfortunately, another Trader Joe's item seems to have recently joined the ranks of products you might want to avoid. So if you're looking around at the store's bakery goods, you might want to keep walking past the blueberry muffins.

No blueberries in the blueberry muffins

Even though blueberry muffins promise blueberries, Trader Joe's seems to be breaking this promise. One Reddit user found this out the hard way after they purchased a four-pack of Trader Joe's blueberry muffins. According to their post, one of the muffins didn't contain even a single blueberry.

Another Redditor described the muffins as "the most disappointing box of blueberry muffins I've ever eaten." Others noted that the blueberries they did find in the muffins were "dry and flavorless." Still others complained that the muffins tasted too sweet and artificial.

While most of the comments on the post were also annoyed with the blueberry-less muffins, several people were able to make light of the situation. One person wrote, "It does say 'blueberry.' Singular." Someone else asked, "Is there an essence of blueberry?"

Sounds like the blueberry muffins definitely aren't one of the Trader Joe's foods you need to try before you die. Honestly, if you want a really good muffin, just use your own blueberry muffin recipe. You'll almost always get better results.