The Simple Grilled Kebab Hack That Will Save You So Much Time

There are multiple hacks for cooking kebabs, many orientated towards simplicity and taste, but this kebab hack is all about time efficiency.

Cooking kebabs has become ever so popular since its advent in Turkey when soldiers impaled chunks of the meat they had hunted down on their swords and roasted it over fire, according to Desiblitz. In its different forms and flavors, it is one of the foods that have spread across the world, reaching the U.K. in the 1940s, per Istanbul Meats. Now, it is even considered an "all-American" food by The Washington Post as both a fast food and a cooking style.

Today, not only is the skewer-styled grilling used for lamb, as in the case of the original kebab, but also for a combination of vegetables, poultry, and meats, as Master Class notes. Additionally, the current kebab has evolved beyond its traditional Turkish and Kofta spice flavors, per A Good Carrot. With its plethora of flavors and combinations, its important to know this one grilling kebab hack.

The time-efficient kebab hack

It seems that there is no end to innovation. Cooking hack TikToker Ashley McCrary demonstrates this in her video with her innovative chicken kebab food hack. As opposed to cubing and marinating her chicken breasts before pressing them onto skewers, she lines whole chicken breasts up against each other and places skewers into them in an evenly spaced and parallel formation. The fun part is when she cuts them into be multiple kebabs.

On paper, this is a brilliant idea, and as one of her followers noted, it is easy in comparison to  " ... the times I've wrestled to get individual pieces of chicken on a skewer ... "

The latter was not the only sentiment. It turns out that this grill hack is not perfect. In one respondent's experience, the chicken pieces turned out to be different sizes resulting in some of the morsels charring, and others being under-cooked. Well, if we may: the answer is a meat mallet. Pound the thicker morsels on the skewer until they are the same size as the thinner pieces, per Inspired Taste, but just make sure you use long enough skewers.