Why Is It Cake? Judge Dan Ahdoot May Look Familiar

Netflix's "Is It Cake?" has quickly become a guilty pleasure for culinary enthusiasts. Inspired by the wildly popular internet trend of bakers showcasing hyper realistic cakes, the show features talented bakers from around the country working against the clock to craft realistic interpretations of everyday objects — made entirely out of cake. 

Contestants must present their creations to host Mikey Day and a panel of celebrity judges who are tasked with determining which is really cake and which is a decoy. Bakers who make it to the end of the competition by consistently fooling the judges with their culinary prowess have the change to win a grand prize of $50,000. With a jackpot like that up for grabs, many viewers might want to start polishing their cake making skills for a chance to compete on the show.

Among the show's rotating sets of celebrity judges was actor and comedian Dan Ahdoot on Episode 7 of the series. Although Ahdoot's expertise was apparent, fans were left wondering where they had seen the cake spotting expert before. 

Ahdoot is a Netflix regular

Before lending his star power to the set of "Is It Cake?," Dan Ahdoot was already well established as an actor on a number of Netflix series. Ahdoot is known for his role on the martial arts themed comedy, "Cobra Kai." He appeared on the show as Anoush Norouzi, a car salesman and friend of main character Daniel LaRusso. On the podcast "Popternative," Ahdoot stated that he did most of his own stunts on the show, which producers allowed only because of his blue belt in jiu-jitsu (via YouTube).

Ahdoot also appeared on Netflix's "Atypical," a popular show centering around autistic teen Sam as he navigates coming of age. Ahdoot portrayed Smooth Guy, a sleazy internet dating coach whom Sam turned to for his research on how to date girls. With Ahdoot's impressive track record of Netflix hits, it may not be long before he graces screens in the next streaming blockbuster.