The Real Reason Instagram Isn't Impressed With Aldi's Eco Cookies

We all know that recycling is good for the environment. But one of the biggest impacts humans have on the natural world is actually food waste. Over 30% of the world's food is ultimately wasted, according to the World Wildlife Fund, and excess food waste that ends up in landfills contributes to 6-8% of "human-caused greenhouse gas emissions." Now, Aldi is selling a cookie that aims to help the environment by reducing both of these problems. Per Aldi Reviewer, the chain's new Benton's Upcycled Cookies seek to reduce food waste by recycling the unused pulp created during the production of oat milk, tofu, or soy milk into a sweet new edible creation.

These recycled cookies are available in two different flavors: Vanilla Oatmilk, which is made from upcycled remains of oat milk production, and Okara Chocolate Chip, which is made from okara, the by-product left over from soy milk and tofu production. Rather than being thrown out, this "nutritious pulp" is combined with traditional cookie ingredients, like wheat, milk, eggs, chocolate chips, and vanilla flavoring to deliver a (hopefully) enjoyable snacking experience while helping to make the earth a little greener. According to Aldi Reviewer, a 3.5-ounce package of cookies is currently selling for $2.99, but not everyone is on board with these sustainable sweets.

Some shoppers were grossed out by the unconventional ingredients

While these new upcycled cookies at Aldi might be good for the environment, they weren't exactly generating rave reviews on social media. Instagram user @aldifavoritefinds made a post alerting their fans to the new product, calling them "double eww gross" and asking their followers "What are your thoughts? Will you be giving these a try or are you on team better luck next time ALDI?" Many people were quick to agree with this negative assessment. "These are like the hot dogs of cookies.... Hard pass," replied @mollybasingerbarthol, while another user agreed "That would be a No... Soy anything is a naw, nope, no, no way, no thanks Aldi." "Absolutely not. I avoid extra soy," wrote @amystern26.

However, some people were intrigued by the environmentally-friendly cookies. "It's a great idea! They are trying to eliminate waste in the world. I would absolutely try both!" raved @marloweschuck. "I like oat milk in general. So I'd try the vanilla," replied @fizzle_farm_for_senior_dogs, while another user reported "They are good! I thought they were better than the other cookies I've bought there." Ultimately, it would seem that while some people are turned off by the idea of an upcycled cookie, others are willing to give these environmentally-friendly treats a try.