What Queso Blanco Fans Should Know About Del Taco's New Crunchtadas

Anyone who has been dining at Del Taco since 2013 may recall it was a big year. According to the chain's website, that was the year Crunchtada Tostadas were introduced. As Del Taco explains, the new menu item had a shell that was thicker than a traditional tostada and wavy. The original CrunchTada came with beans, sauce, lettuce, and cheddar cheese, and it can still be found on Del Taco's menu today. Of course, the chain has made a number of additional changes to its menu since then.

Another big change came for Del Taco came in 2017. According to Business Insider, the Mexican fast-food chain replaced nacho cheese with Queso Blanco that year. At the time, the news outlet described the new menu item as a "white, cheesy dip" that "is rich, with a slight bite from pickled jalapenos," and gave Queso Blanco good marks for its lack of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Now, the chain is shaking things up once again, and this time there's good news for fans of both Crunchtadas and Queso Blanco.

Del Taco's new Crunchtadas are topped with Queso Blanco

Frequent visitors to Del Taco might recall the limited-time Queso Beef and Chicken Guacamole Crunchtadas the chain was offering last year along with a tongue-in-cheek sympathy hotline for anyone who might be longing for Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza (via ABC7 Los Angeles). Now, once again, there are a couple of new Crunchtadas on the chain's menu. This time around, both Crunchtadas feature the chain's signature, cheesy sauce, Queso Blanco. According to Brand Eating, the new Nachotada Crunchtada includes Queso Blanco, beef, tortilla strips, beans, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, sour cream, and jalapenos while the Chicken, Queso & Guac Crunchtada has Queso Blanco, grilled chicken, guacamole, beans, cheddar cheese, and diced tomatoes.

Over on Instagram, Del Taco received some feedback on their new Crunchtada announcement with responses ranging from the encouraging reaction of "Glorious!" to the not-quite-as-delighted reply, "BRING. BACK. NACHO. CHEESE. PLEASE AND THANK YOU." Meanwhile, on Reddit, user pastrami_burger posted an image of a Chicken, Queso & Guac Crunchtado, elaborating "was impressed with how much guac there was," but another responder felt differently, writing, "Meh...had one...queso blanco is a no...a regular crunchtada extra salsa for me still." For anyone who wants to crunch their own way to a conclusion, the Crunchtadas will be on Del Taco's menu for a limited time.