Redditors Are Disgusted By A Walmart Employee's Mold Reveal

Since first opening its doors in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, Walmart has become a staple of the American shopping landscape. With 230 millions Americans visiting a Walmart each week to purchase their family's groceries (via Statista), it's seems perfectly reasonable to expect a sanitary shopping experience. That's why Reddit commenters on the r/walmart subreddit were so horrified to find out that their expectations of cleanliness fell short in one Walmart location. 

Reddit user Fun-Meringue-3744 took to the subreddit to share several images of the Walmart store they work in. The pictures featured a stock room speckled throughout with black mold. The entire room appeared to be covered with the hazardous substance, from the light fixtures to the walls. Perhaps most shocking were additional images showing black mold on a speed rack and a refrigerated shelving unit, both storing meat. "Is this normal?" u/Fun-Meringue-3744 captioned the post. According to Redditors, the answer is no. While it's unclear if the meat was intended to be sold, the images caused concern among internet users over the health and safety of customers shopping at this location.

Redditors called this Walmart store 'disgusting'

Putting it bluntly, Redditor aldimun told the original poster, "Your store is disgusting." As if the images weren't upsetting enough, u/Fun-Meringue-3744 replied to the comment by informing readers that there was more black mold in the store's produce fridges. Several other commenters pointed out that certain kinds of black mold can be dangerous when inhaled and warned the Walmart employee to put their safety first. Some even suggested that allowing the store's cooling units to fall into such a state of disrepair should be a fireable offense. 

Most users seemed to agree that the employee who posted the images had a responsibility to report the moldy fridges to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in their state and their county's health inspector in order to protect the safety of their customers and fellow Walmart employees. "Seriously report it to OSHA mold is bad if you breathe it in, your health comes first," said u/Top-Cardiologist-499. Many users have asked for an update on the situation, as the photos were shared a month ago. At the time of writing, u/Fun-Meringue-3744 has yet to publish another post on the matter.