Redditors Are Drooling Over The UK's Costco Cafe

A lot of Costco regulars might agree that its food court in the United States is nothing to push a shopping cart past. Experienced members of the big-box retailer know that while sniffing deals within the store, they're likely to catch a whiff of freshly cooked pizzas, hot dogs, and a menu full of Costco's popular food court eats.

While the options at American Costco locations have changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (may the Costco food court's Combo Pizza rest in peace), the remaining options have undoubtedly stayed in good standing with shoppers. The fan-favorite hot dog and soda combo, for example, is still served at the same price as it was in 1985 – something Costco CEO confirmed that the company had no intention of changing (via CNBC).

Though the American menu remains popular to this day, food court frequenters were stunned by a photo of the menu at a United Kingdom-based Costco. And it's no wonder. Upon reading the menu the differences are undeniably staggering.

A Costco cafe culture shock

In a Reddit post captioned, "I thought you guys across the pond would like to see our Manchester Branch," a user from the United Kingdom posted a photo of the menu plastered on top of the service booth at their local Costco food court. Some foreign menu item standouts include a Double Chicken Fillet Sandwich, Aberdeen Angus Cottage Pie, Mango Smoothie, Korean BBQ Beef Bake, and Jacket Potatoes.

Aside from the unapologetically European style of some of these items, the sheer novelty of the options seemed to have members of the Costco subreddit completely astonished. Some users left comments referring to specific items, such as "It's not just a chicken sandwich. It's a double. drool." Others longingly admired the deals available there, with remarks like "A family bundle with sodas, a pizza, and GARLIC BREAD?...This [subreddit] has done nothing but make me violently upset at our subpar, 3-option food court."

Whether the American Costco menu will expand again is unknown. But in the meantime, members traveling in the United Kingdom might not feel they're missing out on what the U.S. version has to offer.