Dollar Tree Has Deals On Name-Brand Frozen Foods — But There's A Catch

From bagged chips and canned goods to seasonal decor and cleaning products, Dollar Tree has a huge variety of merchandise for sale. Everyone loves a good bargain, and that's the idea the company was founded on in 1986 when it priced every item at $1 (via Dollar Tree). However, that lasted about three decades when the company announced in a November 2021 press release that they would raise the base price to $1.25 for many items.

Dollar Tree has several name-brand items on its shelves already, such as Kraft macaroni and cheese and salad dressings, Lysol cleaning products, Nature Valley granola bars, Lay's chips, and more. While those items may have warranted the $1 (now $1.25) price tag, Dollar Tree now aims to expand its product line by having "More Choices, More Sizes, and More Savings" (per Dollar Tree Corporate).

Some items are priced between $3 and $5

In 2019, the company began implementing its Dollar Tree Plus! proposal in all stores, which introduced $3 and $5 items. While the press release states that customer responses were positive, some employees had frustrations with the price changes. One Redditor posted, "We [are] not a Dt+ but we now have Dt+ Frozen. ... [A]lready had 10 people thinking these are $1.25 like hello didn't you see all the signs????" with several photos of freezers containing Red Baron pizzas, Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls, Tyson chicken nuggets, and more. Some users agreed with OP saying, "[Y]ou can have the prices in neon signs and customers and patrons will never read [th]em" and "[C]ustomers are in their own world or distracted by their cell phones. Despite the thousands of places it says 1.25 they still come thinking it's 1.00 5 months later."

One commenter didn't think the price change was right considering the company was created on the idea of everything being $1. They wrote, "I've seen the signs for years, Dollar Tree has a rep for selling things that are a dollar. That's their whole schtick. You can't blame the customers when the company you work for does a 180 on the main draw to the store." A handful of other Redditors were focused on the name-brand bargains, writing, "Some of those are actually some decent deals," and, "Why is everything so cheap[?]"