Trader Joe's Just Gave A Fan-Favorite Gluten-Free Product A Makeover

Trader Joe's is among the growing number of grocery store chains that have made moves to accommodate shoppers' dietary preferences and needs, such as avoiding gluten, meat, or dairy. In that interest, it would be counterproductive for other franchises to be a slice above Trader Joe's when it comes to getting a piece of the gluten-free shopping pie.

According to estimates from Grandview Research, the global market for gluten-free products had a value of $5.9 billion in 2021. Allied Market Research takes that even further, suggesting that the demand for gluten-free foods could be worth upwards of $7 billion worldwide by 2027. That's a lot of cheddar for Trader Joe's and its competitors.

Trader Joe's has already tried to cut in on the gluten-free business with products such as the new gluten-free empanadas that shoppers are excited about. But a new gluten-free Trader Joe's offering could prove even more supreme.

Preheat your oven now

Trader Joe's has revived its gluten-free pizza, per a July 16 Instagram post from the brand. (The grocer had released earlier versions of a private-label frozen pizza with gluten-free crusts, but the reviews weren't so hot.) According to Trader Joe's, the new take on the pie has an updated crust recipe that includes a cauliflower base but augments that with both chickpea and rice flours. Currently, the pizza is only available in one variety, the uncured pepperoni, which boasts bell peppers, black olives, and red onions, in addition to the meat featured in the name.

As with any frozen pizza, though, it's all about the flavor and texture. Quality reviews are scarce on the internet so far, but the reaction to the company's Instagram post announcing the product seems positive. The comments include lines such as, "This pizza is really good. The topping combo is perfect!" and "This pizza is GOOOD!!! and perfect size for single consumption."

Whether it's an early-morning, after-party snack, an easy lunch, or a lazy night in that has you looking for a frozen pizza, you can be highfalutin without any gluten.