What Happened To Off The Cob Chips After Shark Tank?

Since 2009, "Shark Tank" has been plucking small business ideas out of obscurity and launching them into the public eye. We're talking Phonesoap, the Squatty Potty, and even Scrub Daddy (via Shark Tank Products). But "Shark Tank" products aren't limited to household items. Over the years, business pitches have of course included food, with some of the best foods we've seen on Shark Tank being Slice of Sauce, Pan's Mushroom Jerky, and The Pizza Cupcake.

Although some products from the show become big hits with the public, some products slip under our radar while still remaining successful. One of these products is Off the Cob Chips, which appeared on an episode back in 2014. Per the Online Farmers Market, Off the Cob Chips are sweet corn tortilla chips with "a savory sweet flavor and light crispy crunch." With the main ingredient of organic corn, the chips are non-GMO and gluten-free. So where are Off the Cob Chips now? 

The story behind Off the Cob Chips

Before we can get into where Off the Cob Chips is now, let's dive into the story behind the brand. Off the Cob Chips was created by Cameron Sheldrake, who hails from a family of farmers in Ithaca, New York (via Business Strategy Insights). After earning a degree in economics from Babson College, Sheldrake wanted to meld his love of farming with his interest in business.

In 2012, Sheldrake launched his Kickstarter campaign. According to his campaign clip on YouTube, Off the Cob Chips are the first tortilla chips to use sweet corn, and use bits of corn that would otherwise go to waste. Unlike many other tortilla chips, BizNews says, Sheldrake's chips are made with only six ingredients: sweet corn, organic and non-GMO certified yellow and white corn, expeller pressed sunflower oil, cane sugar, and sea salt.

Although organic food is more expensive in most cases, Sheldrake wanted Off the Cob Chips to break another business barrier and be affordable to the masses. This is where his pitch on "Shark Tank" comes into play. 

Off the Cob Chips hit grocery store shelves

Armed with the funding collected from the Off the Cob Kickstarter project, Cameron Sheldrake appeared on the Season 6 of "Shark Tank" in hopes of increasing awareness of his product. By this time, Sheldrake had already used some of his funding to ship Off the Cob chips to grocery stores, namely Whole Foods, in the Boston area. According to the Shark Tank Blog, Sheldrake was hoping to sell 15% of the company in exchange for $100k.

However, the investors were hesitant upon hearing the numbers. The sweet corn Off the Cob uses is 16 times more expensive than the grain corn used by go-to tortilla chip brands like Tostitos. Unfortunately, Shark Tank decided not to take the deal, but that wasn't the end of Off the Cob's story.

Per Shark Tank Success, Off the Cob Chips had already reached the shelves of many stores, primarily in New York and southern California. By 2021, Off the Cob Chips were stocked in more than 300 grocery stores, but Sheldrake chose to discontinue his products and return to his life on the farm (via Gazette Review). Now that the world has had a taste of the brand's sweet corn chips, regular tortilla chips just don't compare.