What Happened To Milk And Brookies After Shark Tank?

Presenting your beloved product to the seasoned entrepreneurs of "Shark Tank" must be both a terrifying and exhilarating experience, rather like swimming amongst real-life Great Whites. After all, there are so many possible outcomes. They could love you and your business and offer you a life-changing deal. They may laugh you and your valuation right off the stage. Or they could say that you're wasting your time and resources and should, perhaps, return to your day job. 

Enter Milk and Brookies, a unique confection that marries the sinfully delicious brownie and the chewy goodness of a cookie into what looks like a muffin. Are you salivating yet? This novel baked treat was devised by Jovon English when she craved both a brownie and a cookie and decided there must be a way to have both (per Shark Tank Blog). Her friends and family loved the brookie, of course. What's not to love? English took on partners Naimah Harris and Marques Brooks, but the trio were still unable to keep up with demand. They soon found themselves on a Season 7 episode of "Shark Tank" buoyed by the hope that at least one of the business moguls would be able to help them increase production and secure their own retail space (via Insider Growth). Did the Sharks jump onboard this fledgling business or did they deem it a sinking ship? 

The Shark Tank stint increased their sales by 3000%

Armed with tempting Brookies and tall glasses of milk, Marques Brookes made the rounds and gave each Shark a baked goodie and something to wash it down. Would their product's tastiness convince the business tycoons to fork over $100K to secure 20% of the company (via SEO Aves)? While the expert investors unanimously loved the product, they each voiced their concerns regarding the business model. The Gazette Review revealed that Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O'Leary) said that trying to maintain 750 variations of this treat was an impossible feat and that the only way to survive would be to showcase about four products. Barbara Corcoran said they'd never be able to keep up with demand as their company grew (via Insider Growth). SEO Aves reports that Mark Cuban worried that they were "a bake sale rather than a business," while Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner believed they had come to the table too early. 

Despite having received a resounding "no" from each of the Sharks, their television appearance resulted in a huge influx of sales. In fact, the Gazette Review reports that this increase was estimated to be about 3000%. The company took O'Leary's advice by seriously reducing its offerings to just six — Sugar, Peanut Butter, Blondie, Turtle, Snickerdoodle, and the infamous O.G (original brownie and chocolate chip cookie hybrid). Did this free advertising and welcomed advice lead to the company's lasting success or were they a mere flash-in-the-pan? 

Milk and Brookies is now worth $3 million

Is Milk and Brookies still around? Well, if you are dying to try this brownie and cookie-based Frankenmuffin, you are in luck. They currently operate an online store that, for a price, will ship your coveted confections to your doorstep. They have even added an oatmeal and raisin variety to their menu. 

While Insider Growth admits that it is unclear if the business partners are still holding down their nine-to-five gigs, they have clearly slotted some time to don their aprons and get baking. And they've grown their business substantially. According to SEO Aves, the company's valuation currently sits at $3 million, a huge increase since they made their "Shark Tank" appearance.

It just goes to show that in order to enjoy a successful stint with the Sharks, you don't necessarily have to secure a deal. The brookie is likely one of the best foods seen on Shark Tank and several of the show's viewers likely fell in love with it. This equates to some of the most valuable advertising a little-known company can get. After all, when it comes to scrumptious baked goods, everyone eats with their eyes first.