How Adam Richman's Mustache Almost Killed Him

In 2012, Adam Richman made the decision to part ways with "Man v. Food," and fans haven't been the same since (per IMDb). This Travel Channel series follows a host (first Richman, now Casey Webb) as they journey across the country and take on various eating challenges. Even though this food show is now at the helm of Casey Webb, many iconic episodes hosted by Richman continue to live in our heads rent-free.

While "Man v. Food" may have been wildly entertaining for viewers, it wasn't all fun and games for Richman. Whether he was eating painfully hot hellfire wings in San Jose, California or gorging on a ridiculously oversized burger in Southgate, Minnesota, the star proved on more than one occasion that filming this Travel Channel series was no picnic. In an interview with The Mirror, the television personality revealed some of the most disgusting things he's ever eaten on "Man v. Food." "I have a hard time with consuming anything that is still alive," Richman admitted. Fair enough!

But as it turns out, the 48-year-old star had to deal with more than just a few gross dishes in his day. In an interview with "Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did,", Richman opened up about a life-threatening situation that occurred to him while visiting Zurich, Switzerland (via People).

Even when he's not filming a food challenge, Adam Richman can't seem to escape life-threatening situations

In a recent appearance on "Celebrity Catch Up: Life After That Thing I Did," Adam Richman recalled the time when he contracted a deadly infection in Switzerland while attending a Michelin Event (via People).

What initially looked like a harmless pimple on his mustache turned out to be a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection. "At the moment, it never felt like 'you're going to die' — it was never something that they posited, but it was always sort of understood," the TV personality shared. The infection was located in a particularly perilous spot and Richman needed to undergo surgery in order for it to be removed.

As for the source of the infection? It remains unclear. "The doctor said it could have been anything from a water glass to a hotel towel," the star revealed.

Richman's stressful health scare in Switzerland was not his only brush with death. In one episode of his show, the former host was allegedly fed hot wings doused with a whole bottle of ghost chili extract (via Food Beast). This ingredient is so potent that it is used as a weapon in India. "I was so jacked up in the bathroom that my tongue had swollen, my nasal passages has swollen," the TV host shared in an episode of "Hot Ones." Experiences like these were contributing factors as to why Richman left "Man v. Food."