Ritz Crackers Just Brought Back A Long-Awaited Summer Snack

It's hard to believe that the humble cracker we love today — for its versatility with a range of dips, cheeses, and hors d'oeuvre — may have originated as a staple food for sailors in the 1700s, according to Today I found Out. Crackers have come a long way since that time and some brands have lasted the test of time such as Ritz Crackers.

They were first introduced by Nabisco in 1934 and are now owned by Mondelez International. They're recognizable by their round shape and serrated edge, but the company's product range and flavor variety have grown substantially over the years (via Ritz Crackers). Even when you think of Ritz crackers, they seem more at home on a cheese platter or just on their own with their soft yet crisp, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. 

Back in 2020, the Ritz Facebook page linked to a recipe for 'Smores made with the original cracker, and that post got some fans intrigued with the idea. Especially as they had a Ritz S'mores available until it was discontinued in 2016. (via Twitter)

Ritz S'mores are back for Summer

When one Twitter user asked the question, "Yo, where did these go?" with a picture of the product back in 2016, Ritz responded, "Unfortunately, Ritz Bits S'mores has been discontinued." (via Twitter)

S'mores and Ritz don't traditionally go together. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, the honor of holding up the chocolate and marshmallow usually goes to the Graham cracker but Ritz takes it to another level. Much like the hit song of 1929, "Puttin' on the Ritz", which means to dress fashionably and glamorously, Ritz is bringing back a summer fashionable favorite. (via Cultural World)

What some might see as an elevation, others might see as an atrocity to the sanctity of the original savory cracker. In the case of Ritz S'mores, they seem to have a bit of a following and the internet is pleased to see them return to the shelves. Plus, August 10, 2022, was S'mores Day so what better time to bring them back? Facebook users agreed with comments like "yes, please!", "these are sooooo good" and "they look delicious!". (via Facebook)

What's more, you can win a box if you head over to Ritz Cracker's Facebook page, like it, and tag a friend in the post about the S'mores.