19 Yogurtland Frozen Yogurt Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

As self-proclaimed "pioneers of self-serve frozen yogurt," Yogurtland provides a do-it-yourself experience with dozens of flavors and a buffet full of toppings to customize your dessert in a cup. This concept allows for countless variations of creamy frozen yogurt, sorbets, candies, and fruit. In addition, the frozen yogurt chain caters to many dietary restrictions with plant-based treats, dairy-free, and gluten-free options.

Since Yogurtland's inception, its team of flavorologists has created over 200 scratch-made flavors, according to CEO Phillip Chang, but only about 24 flavors make their debut each year. Choosing one or even a few to add to your cup can be challenging with many delicious flavors.

Chang didn't pick one flavor as being the most popular during an exclusive interview with Mashed, but did highlight that the more tart flavors tend to do exceptionally well. While we agree with his insider information, we know that yogurt lovers gravitate towards certain flavors over others. In typical Mashed fashion, we headed to our local Yogurtland and started taste testing to share with you our Yogurtland frozen yogurt flavors ranked worst to best.

19. Alphonso Mango Tart

Yogurtland's Alphonso Mango Tart provides a sweet and refreshing treat. The Alphonso Mango Tart received the nickname the king of mangos because Alphonso mangos remain one of Mango's most expensive varieties. Alphonso mangos might be mango royalty, but the price per ounce at Yogurtland will not break your wallet.

Compared to the closest competitor, Talenti's Alphonso Mango Sorbetto, Yogurtland's version tastes more artificial and less about the fruit flavor. Talenti highlights the authentic Mango flavor, and the brand's rendition is dairy-free and vegan, while Yogurtland's contains dairy and a list of artificial ingredients.

Aside from its contents, Yogurtland's Alphonso Mango Tart doesn't provide the regal energy and taste we hoped it would. We dreamed of a more pungent mango taste and less artificial sweetener. We suggest trying Yogurtland's other fruity creations and passing on the Alphonso Mango Tart next time you choose a flavor.

18. Citrus C Sorbet

Vitamin C offers various health benefits, so we like to incorporate it wherever possible, even if that means adding it to our frozen yogurt. While we must provide a disclaimer that no medical professionals were part of this ranking, we hope you'll keep reading in the pursuit of Citrus C Sorbet.

This frozen yogurt flavor contains real tangerines and oranges, creating a tangy, sweet sorbet that delivers a citrus punch in every bite. The two fruits balance one another out, making a refreshing and sweet treat.

Citrus C Sorbet doesn't give the "freshly squeezed" taste even though it claims to make the yogurt with fresh tangerines and oranges. The natural tang provided by these fruits seems to be missing. It's giving more of a sweetened orange-flavored drink because the sugar overpowers the fruit. This flavor didn't pull at our heartstrings or tastebuds; not many toppings could help it recover.

17. Passion Orange Guava Tart

In the summer of 2021, Yogurtland launched Passion Orange Guava Tart, a flavor that combines passion fruit, orange, and guava. The yogurt chain highlights this flavor as the perfect combination of tropical fruits. As you can guess by the position of this flavor on our list, we do not think highly of the fruity explosion.

With the Passion Orange Guava Tart, the tart aspect remains apparent. It's much tangier than the plain tart flavor, and the guava and orange taste shines through in this yogurt. While we found the orange flavor slightly overpowering, we felt like the yogurt contained hints of grapefruit, a flavor not alluded to in the title.

When it comes to dessert, our tastebuds don't gravitate towards tart. To spice up this already fruity flavor, we suggest adding granola, fresh fruit, and even some chocolate chips for added sweetness.

16. Watermelon Sorbet

The Sour Patch Kids tagline says, "First they're sour, then they're sweet." The Yogurtland x Sour Patch Kids collaboration brings the Watermelon Sorbet flavor, a sour, then sweet sorbet. This back-to-school flavor release comes out at the perfect time of year when kids get ready to go back to the classroom, but the weather suggests the need for delicious and icy treats.

The partnership suggests that this flavor pairs nicely with Sour Patch Kids candies. We agree and feel like the frozen yogurt flavor alone does not provide jaw-dropping, go-back for seconds flavor. The watermelon yogurt does not yield an overpowering watermelon flavor.

As summer ends and the kids return to school, don't discredit this flavor entirely. Our suggestion for the best experience possible is to load up on the toppings, whether Sour Patch Kids, chocolate candies, or more fruit. The watermelon flavor might be subtle, but it creates a new flavor experience with toppings.

15. Rocket Pop Sorbet

The next Yogurtland frozen yogurt flavor will likely bring up some nostalgia. The Rocket Pop Sorbet flavor pays homage to a childhood favorite, the red, white, and blue, Rocket Pop popsicle. The Rocket Pop is sold on most ice cream trucks and in convenience store coolers around the country, so Yogurtland decided to mimic this iconic dessert and put it into frozen yogurt form.

The refreshing flavor at Yogurtland provides hints of cherry, lime, and raspberry in every bite. For us, it's one of those recreations that leaves us thinking, why mess with a classic? While the flavors blend nicely, the frozen yogurt does not compete with the original Rocket Pop in popsicle form.

With the overpowering fruit flavors in the yogurt, we suggest a light chocolate topping or granola to not distract from the triple flavor mixture. When in doubt, add chocolate chips to the mix, right?

14. Fresh Strawberry

Cue "tastes like strawberries on a summer evening" as you pour this next flavor into your cup. Yogurtland's Fresh Strawberry flavor contains the sweetness of real fresh strawberries. We think of fresh strawberries more for a topping than yogurt, but we gave this treat a try for the sake of this roundup.

Alone we find this strawberry flavor to be rather dull. The strawberry flavor is consistent throughout but doesn't provide any wow factor. We recommend combining this flavor with vanilla or chocolate for an added flavor boost.

In addition, it's no secret the toppings change the entire frozen yogurt game. With a flavor like strawberry, you can either go the fruit route and add fresh berries on top or cover the strawberry yogurt with chocolate candies to create a more dessert-like bowl. Whichever path you decide, dress up this flavor for maximum deliciousness.

13. Toasted Coconut

Coconut seems to be all the rage these days; think coconut milk, coconut sugar, coconut flour, and now coconut frozen yogurt. Many Keto dieters gravitate toward high-fat, low-carb foods like coconut. This flavor contains only 35 calories, 7 grams of carbohydrates, and 1 gram of protein per weighted ounce.

Yogurtland's Toasted Coconut offers a caramelized, creamy addition to your plain frozen yogurt bowl. The yogurt chain states that toasting coconuts will enhance the flavor. Unfortunately, we do not get a strong coconut flavor in every bite, but it's notable compared to the plain tart flavor.

Coconut may be rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, but the yogurt's taste alone does not satisfy us. While coconut milk remains dairy-free, it is essential to note that this flavor contains skim milk and other dairy-containing ingredients. The Toasted Coconut flavor requires a variety of fruit, chocolate, candies, and syrups to mask the lackluster base flavor.

12. Cotton Candy

Transport to your local county fair with this next Yogurtland frozen yogurt flavor. Cotton Candy blends the pink sugary treat you know and love into a frozen yogurt flavor you can enjoy plain or with your favorite toppings.

It's no secret that a cone full of fluffy cotton candy tastes very sweet because it's essentially all sugar. We hoped the frozen yogurt version did not emulate those same qualities. To our surprise, the Cotton Candy frozen yogurt tastes close to the real deal and melts in your mouth. While sweet because it's frozen yogurt, this flavor does not contain more carbs than other flavors you might try at Yogurtland.

Top your cup as high as Cotton Candy on a stick, and don't forget to top it with classics like animal cracker cookies, M&Ms, chocolate chips, and more. We suggest the sweet rather than fruit topping route on this one.

11. Plant-Based Blueberry Pancake

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you're eating Plant-Based Blueberry Pancake flavored frozen yogurt, does that make it breakfast or dessert? In our opinion, why not enjoy it for both meals. This breakfast-inspired and plant-based flavor combines real blueberries and oat milk.

If you have dietary restrictions, rejoice, this flavor contains no dairy and fits perfectly into a vegan lifestyle.

According to Brand Eating, Yogurtland planned to discontinue the Plant-Based Blueberry Pancake flavor in June 2022, but at the time of this writing, the flavor still lives on Yogurtland's website, suggesting it remains available. Yogurtland lovers rejoice over the plant-based flavor noting it tastes better than regular blueberry and should land itself on the permanent menu. We recommended adding various fruit toppings for a very berry flavor explosion. Although the name suggests the flavor resembles pancakes, we missed this taste and would be weary of adding syrup to this concoction.

10. Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream

Nothing compares to classic vanilla ice cream. Yogurtland's Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream tastes like an old-fashioned milkshake. This simple vanilla flavor mixes perfectly with any other flavor to create a delicious fusion. You can't beat the classics. We love combining the creamy vanilla flavor with chocolate for a classic twist or a fruity flavor to create a creamsicle-like taste. Few flavors do not compliment vanilla frozen yogurt.

Many vanilla ice cream flavors can generally be bland, but that's not the case with Yogurtland's Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream. It's so smooth and delicious that we love to eat it plain. While it may taste great in its original form, adding toppings improves the dessert tenfold. We recommend strawberries, kiwis, peanut butter cups, or chocolate chips; not necessarily all together unless you're feeling bold. Then again, it's easy to adopt a more, the merrier approach when it comes to toppings at Yogurtland.

9. Birthday Cupcake Batter

Every day can feel like your birthday at Yogurtland with the Birthday Cupcake Batter flavor. This flavor can be hard to nail down because the lines between Birthday Cupcake Batter and Funfetti often blur. This common occurrence does not reign true in this case. The Birthday Cupcake Batter Flavor provides a sweet, buttery smooth consistency and tastes like yellow cupcake batter.

Yogurtland celebrated its sixth anniversary with the Birthday Cupcake Batter frozen yogurt and Cake Bites as a topping in 2012 (via QSR Magazine). While the flavor made its debut for only three weeks, we hope to see it return annually.

We believe Birthday Cupcake Batter is one of the most uncomplicated flavors to mix toppings. Let us explain. Can you think of a topping that wouldn't fit in this flavor? Whether it's fruit, chocolate, candy, or even cereal, everything someone effortlessly complements the yogurt flavor as if the cake batter had toppings folded into it before baking.

8. Cheesecake

Something about cheesecake sets it above all other desserts. Cheesecake offers a unique flavor with its main cream cheese ingredient, added flavors, and crispy bottom crust. It's sweet but tangy and always hits the spot. While we love the real deal, Yogurtland's Cheesecake flavor using real cream cheese satisfies just the same. The flavor description states that [this] cheesecake "delivers the best in every bite." We couldn't agree more.

While it's not the Cheesecake Factory, Yogurtland's rendition comes in as a satisfying alternative. We generally recommend mixing flavors, but this one's taste stands out when enjoyed solo. This suggestion does not rule out our love for toppings, however. The cheesecake bites come to mind first as an optimal topping but don't sleep on the cookie dough or even a crunchy cereal if you feel like switching things up. Yogurtland offers an extensive topping bar, so you can't go wrong here.

7. Classic Cookies and Cream

It's a classic for a reason; the taste of Yogurtland's Cookies and Cream flavor is unmatched. Cookies 'N Cream derives from the Oreo cookie. It represents the variety of ice cream that contains vanilla ice cream and bits of crumbled cookies, specifically Oreos, if under an agreement with the famous cookie brand.

Yogurtland's version mixes the chocolate cookie with its delicious frozen yogurt to create a sweet and decadent treat. We assume Yogurtland does not have a deal with Oreo specifically, as all the marketing materials suggest using "chocolate cookies," not Oreos. Don't let this detail fool you; the flavor still packs a powerful punch.

While this flavor already contains a diverse portfolio, we love combining it with flavors like vanilla, chocolate, or coffee for an added kick. Topping this flavor with crushed chocolate cookie bits is a no-brainer. Adding additional toppings like brownies and cookie dough further enhances this delicious flavor.

6. French Vanilla

While the name suggests otherwise, did you know French vanilla flavor does not necessarily come from France? (via The Seattle Times) French vanilla refers to the French style of preparing the base of the ice cream with egg yolks, while regular vanilla ice cream does not. The vanilla itself could come from Mexico, Madagascar, or Tahiti, and the yolks give French vanilla ice cream a more yellow hue and a richer taste and consistency. For this reason, the French Vanilla Yogurtland flavor landed higher on our list than its average vanilla counterpart.

Yogurtland's French Vanilla allows you to experience pure flavor in every delicious spoonful. This delicious flavor can be enjoyed in its simplest form, mixed with another flavor like chocolate, or topped with all the great toppings from Yogurtland's topping bar. We tend to go the chocolate topping route with this flavor with candies like M&M and Reese's cups and a drizzle of peanut butter and chocolate sauce. No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong with French Vanilla.

5. Plain Tart

Yogurtland's Plain Tart does not get the credit it deserves as the flavor itself is relatively simple. We often prefer this flavor's tartness compared to regular vanilla frozen yogurt. Think of this variation offering the same tartness as Greek yogurt, but in creamy frozen yogurt form. Other Yogurtland flavors mimic soft serve ice cream.

The beauty of a flavor like this is the endless possibilities you can create in your bowl; let us explain. Can you think of a flavor that does not pair with plain tart? Imagine mixing this with strawberry, chocolate, or even vanilla — it would provide a different flavor combination.

And on top of the mixtures, the topping possibilities are endless. We usually go the fruit route with the plain tart as a personal preference, but candy, chocolate, or sour, would also mix well with this flavor. Sometimes at Yogurtland, the simpler the mixture, the better.

4. Sumatra Coffee Blend

While we may have a caffeine addiction, that's not the main reason we love coffee frozen yogurt. Yogurtland makes the Sumatra Coffee Blend flavor with real Sumatran coffee beans. This flavor balances smooth and sweet and smells like the delicious cup of joe you brew in the morning. Think of all the flavors you enjoy adding to your coffee and translate that to your frozen yogurt dessert.

Our favorites include mixing Sumatra Coffee Blend with Vanilla for that vanilla latte flavor or chocolate to resemble a good ole fashioned mocha. Additionally, if you like to spice things up, mixing coffee blend with the Toasted Coconut frozen yogurt makes your version of bulletproof coffee but for dessert.

Sumatra Coffee Blend made the top four because it's consistently rich and delicious. If you enjoy a coffee flavor with your desserts, this fro-yo is sure to become your next Yogurtland favorite. 

3. Madagascar Vanilla Bean

We've reviewed many variations of vanilla, but when it comes to the most elite flavor, we choose Madagascar Vanilla Bean to round out our top three. According to the flavor description, Madagascar vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world, hand-harvested from a tropical orchid. You could say we have expensive taste, even when it comes to frozen yogurt, so we especially appreciate this flavor.

We don't like to mess with the perfection that is Madagascar vanilla, so we generally enjoy it without mixing other flavors. If we were to choose one, however, it's no secret we love adding chocolate for an extra decadent indulgence. Aside from flavor mixing, we're suckers for a good topping trifecta. Add cookie dough, brownie bites, and chocolate chips with Madagascar Vanilla Bean for a chocolatey punch. If you're feeling extra, drizzle chocolate or caramel sauce on top.

2. Dutch Chocolate

If you haven't picked up on our chocolate addiction yet, the next flavor in our lineup should not surprise you. We love Yogurtland's Dutch Chocolate because the flavor mimics frozen hot chocolate with its rich and smooth taste. The cocoa used to make this frozen yogurt tastes incredible and sets it apart from regular chocolate flavors. Some customers may find it too rich, but we love it just fine.

Dutch Chocolate is another flavor that can be difficult to mix as its taste is so strong. Adding a favorite like Madagascar Vanilla Bean can take away from the rich cocoa yogurt. With Dutch Chocolate, we recommend topping your bowl high with this flavor alone and using toppings to diversify your bowl. To continue the rich chocolate theme, we love adding brownie chunks or Reese's bites to this yogurt and mixing it to ensure every bite includes an added chocolate topping.

1. Rich Chocolate Ice Cream

Rounding out the number slot comes the Rich Chocolate Ice Cream flavor. While we understand this review involves frozen yogurt, not ice cream flavors, this rich and creamy flavor makes for a decadent treat, you don't want to pass up.

Yogurtland suggests that the Rich Chocolate Ice Cream tastes like a chocolate milkshake or a favorite chocolate dessert. We agree and every bite reminds us of a chocolate milkshake from a favorite ice cream shop. There's a sense of nostalgia in every bite with this classic flavor.

If you've made it this far, you know we can't enjoy our favorite flavors without some toppings. You can't go wrong with Rich Chocolate Ice Cream, but our current go-to includes Oreos and gummy worms to create a dirt cup experience. If this doesn't sound appealing to you, classic cookie dough chunks, nuts, or sprinkles taste equally delicious.