The Limited-Edition Dunkaroos Flavor That's Inspired By A Nostalgic Dessert

Few moments invoke pure joy like those of your childhood. Do you remember the feeling of opening your elementary school lunch box to find that your favorite snack has been packed for you? Or when you were baking in the summer heat until suddenly, you heard the familiar, jolly tune of the ice cream truck heading your way? While it isn't always easy to unlock the same levels of happiness as an adult, indulging in our favorite childhood snacks is certainly a good way to try.

As any '90s kid can tell you, Dunkaroos are the ultimate poster child for their generation. Betty Crocker, which owns the iconic cookie and frosting combo, recognizes the powerful role that food can play in unlocking feelings of nostalgia. Even though the original chocolate and vanilla frosting flavors (via Dunkaroos) can bring you back to your youth all on their own, the company is doubling down on nostalgia with a new limited-edition flavor that is sure to transport you and your tastebuds back in time.

A classic snack with a tangy twist

Dunkaroos has announced their latest and greatest flavor introduction of 2022: Orange Sherbet (per Instagram). For those who may not remember, orange sherbet tubes, like that of the Flintstones variety, were the creamy contemporary of Dunkaroos for ice cream trucks. The sweet treat is packed into a tube with a simple push-up mechanism that a child could use to reveal the next bit of tasty sherbet. Playing on the classic ice cream tubes, this limited-edition snack pack comes with Dunkaroos' classic D-stamped vanilla cookies to dip into orange sherbet-flavored frosting. 

If you want to experience the special snack that is sure to blast you back in time, you may want to act quickly — Orange Sherbet Dunkaroos will only be available for a limited time. Keep an eye open for them at 7-Eleven, Speedway, and other retailers throughout the United States, with an expected price tag around $2.39 per pack (via Chew Boom).