Burger King Japan Just Released An Icy Whopper

If you thought that Burger King in America was full of weird ideas — like some of the biggest flops in Burger King history including the Halloween Whopper, the meatloaf sandwich, and the Pizza Burger — think again. Burger King is just as strange in other countries all across the globe.

According to Insider, Burger King Israel launched a burger sandwiched between two ketchup-filled donuts for Hanukkah in 2016. Burger King Malaysia offered a Taro Pie as recently as 2019, with taro being a sweet, nutty-flavored root veggie popular in tropical regions, per FoodPrint. And to our horror, Burger King Germany serves up burgers topped with fried egg and banana, fish sticks and applesauce, strawberry ice cream and fries, bratwurst and chocolate spread, and even vanilla ice cream and olives (via Daily Hive). Sorry, Germany, but are you okay?

In other countries, rather than make an entirely new menu item, Burger King simply adds regional favorites to existing classics. You know, a Whopper with Brussel sprouts, pumpkin slices, or garlic (via YouTube). Japan's latest Whopper refrains from adding any weird new flavors, but it's still a pretty peculiar spin on a familiar favorite.

You know what would make this burger even better? Ice

On August 19 and 20, Burger King Japan is offering a limited-time menu item — the Ice Whopper. As you might expect, the Ice Whopper comes with a layer of shaved ice, and is part of the Natsukoi Set (or "Summer Love Set") according to Yahoo! News. The set also includes a frozen bottle of Coca-Cola. Per the Burger King Japan website, the Ice Whopper costs 1000 yen (or about $7.50) and requires ordering in advance, as it will be sold only while supplies last.

But why add ice to Burger King's famous Whopper? Well, shaved ice (or "kakigori") is an extremely popular summer dessert in Japan, with toppings like mochi, green tea syrup, red bean paste, sweetened condensed milk, and various fruits (via LAist). Furthermore, as noted by SoraNews24, this summer is the first time in three years that Japan has opened its beaches to the public. How perfect is it that the Ice Whopper will be sold at a beachside Burger King?