How Kevin Hart Wants To Change The Fast-Food Game

Most people know comedian Kevin Hart for his roles in blockbuster romps like "Get Hard" and "Night School," but like many celebrities, the star has his hands in a few different pots. He's the founder of the film and TV production company Heartbeat Productions and the "multi-platform comedy brand" Laugh Out Loud, which recently merged together with the help of a $100 million minority investment, The Los Angeles Times reports. 

For all we know, Hart gets the stamina for his various projects from his healthy lifestyle, which includes a vegan diet. Last month, Vegan Food & Living reported on Hart's first plant-based fast-food restaurant, Hart House, which promised to serve up diner-like fare (including an array of meatless burgers, comforting sides, and dairy-free shakes) made with "sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging." Now, Hart is finally ready to cut the ribbon and unveil the first Hart House location in Los Angeles at the end of August 2022. 

Hart House creating plant-based fast food

Kevin Hart took to Instagram this week to share the news of his restaurant's official opening in Los Angeles on August 25. "We're excited to disrupt fast food with a flavorful and affordable plant-based option." Commenters seem hyped to dine at Hart House, making the entertainer a key player in a lucrative market focusing on transparency and sustainability to attract eco-conscious consumers.

Hart House CEO Andy Hooper told Nation's Restaurant News that the venture's eats could also draw in fast-food frequenters who are still convinced that animal meat tastes better. He added that he hopes the restaurant helps "people understand that they actually don't have to give anything up" when it comes to fast food.

To hone in on that drive-thru je ne sais quoi, Hart teamed up with Mike Salem, the former head of culinary innovation for Burger King, who spearheaded the chain's Impossible Whopper. The plant protein mastermind used his know-how to formulate Hart House's line of "burg'rs" and "chick'n" sandwiches, which range from a cool $5 to $7. Hooper hinted that additional Hart House locations are poised to open in other parts of Southern California, with a national expansion in the works as well.