Reddit Is Roasting A Subway Customer Who Got What They Ordered

Whether or not you regularly eat at Subway, you know that the chain offers countless options for customization. In fact, HuffPost estimates that Subway can make more than 37 million different sandwich combinations. Although this seems like a big number, think about all of the different breads, the meats, the cheeses, the various veggies, the dozen or so sauces and dressings.

But with this much sandwich power comes great responsibility. Needless to say, not all customers exercise this responsibility, and some rather monstrous sandwiches end up being created. And we aren't just talking about how Subway employees wish you'd never order a footlong meatball sub with extra meatballs.

Nope, we're talking about sandwich orders that'll make you gag just hearing about them. According to Buzzfeed, Subway employees have had the misfortune of making sandwiches composed of just bread, mayo, salt, and pepper, meatballs with veggies and crumbled cookies, and tuna, pickles, and Splenda, to name a few. These customers may have been satisfied with their strange orders, but unfortunately, not everyone has that experience.

You made your sandwich, now eat it

Just as some Starbucks customers get upset with baristas for following their odd orders to a T, sometimes Subway customers are just as temperamental. According to a Reddit post, one such customer called to complain that their sub was "soupy" after asking for it to be loaded with peppercorn ranch sauce, Baja chipotle sauce, and roasted garlic aioli. Oh, and not just the standard squirt of those sauces, either — they asked for "more" of each one, indicating that they wanted extra helpings.

Needless to say, Redditors were not impressed. One person wrote, "They made their own sandwich soupy by adding all that sauce," and another said, "Sometimes people are just dumb." A few others blamed the Subway employee for breaking one of the chain's weird rules for multiple sauces, but it's worth noting that different Subway locations have different policies (plus, some Subway sauces really work well together, per Sara's Veggie Kitchen). Another person suggested that customers who want extra sauce should be given it on the side so they can add more or less according to personal preference. Lesson learned — take your sauces seriously.