Why Costco Shoppers Aren't Thrilled With Its Layered Celebration Cake

Let's face it: Adulthood can be hard. However, there's at least one aspect of life after the age of 18 that makes it a little bit sweeter. In case you haven't heard, once you become a legal adult, there isn't a single person in the world that can stop you from heading to the store and buying a cake, even on the days when you have nothing to celebrate. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing preventing you from having cake at your house at all times, which is especially great because dessert is scientifically proven to help reduce some of the stress that comes with the day-to-day adulting you have to do (via Science Daily).

There's no shortage of cake flavors when it comes to picking one out to keep on hand for an emergency serotonin boost. You can go all out and get yourself a treat from the best bakery in your state, or keep it simple and just head to the grocery store, which is a particularly solid choice if you do most of your shopping at Costco. The chain's bakery has long been touted as one of the best perks of having a Costco membership. However, that's not to say it doesn't fall short from time to time. While items like the grocer's sheet cakes are iconic, there is another treat currently stocked in the Costco bakery that is leaving some shoppers unimpressed.

Some Costco shoppers aren't buying Junior's celebration layer cake

The Costco bakery got a colorful makeover earlier this summer when it started stocking Junior's Celebration Layer Cake on its shelves in June (via Instagram). Featuring rainbow layers of cake, a thick coat of frosting, and rainbow sprinkles, the 44-ounce confection is certainly an attention grabber, which is probably what led TikTok user Costco Food Reviews to give it a try. "The rainbow sprinkles on the outside were stunning and the inside was just as beautiful," they said in their August 17 review. However, their praise ended there, as the shopper thought the frosting tasted "too much like plain Cool Whip" and even found the cake itself to be subpar.

Ultimately, the account awarded the bakery item a 6.5 out of 10, which seems to be in line with their followers' sentiments. "I haven't seen any good reviews on this," one person wrote, while another agreed that it was "beautiful but not delicious." Additionally, Distractify reports that one buyer was so disappointed with their purchase of the cake that they returned it because it was "disgusting."

Despite the criticism, there are some Costco shoppers that have enjoyed the layer cake. However, if you don't want to take your chances on this colorful treat, there are plenty of other great desserts you can buy at Costco.