Everything You Need To Know About Chef's Table: Pizza

If you're a fan of the Netflix show "Chef's Table," then you're probably used to its formula. Each episode features a chef, usually one who specializes in high-end, unique cuisine, and shows how they craft their signature dishes. Many of the restaurants featured on the show have earned Michelin stars, and at the helm are some of the most acclaimed chefs in the world (via The Travel).

But "Chef's Table" doesn't only focus on what has traditionally been considered fancy or upscale cooking. "Chef's Table: Pastry" aimed to show the world the artistry behind desserts and baked goods, featuring renowned chefs including Milk Bar's Christina Tosi (via Eater). Similarly, "Chef's Table: BBQ" turned a laser focus on the intense world of barbecue, showing that even the foods some people think of as humble can be incredibly technique-driven and require lots of talent and years of work to perfect. Now, the Netflix series plans to shine a light on yet another incredibly popular, yet perhaps artistically underappreciated food: pizza.

Which chefs will be featured on Chef's Table: Pizza?

According to People, "Chef's Table: Pizza" will consist of six 45-minute episodes that each highlight a different pizza chef. Pizza may be a common enough meal, but the show will highlight those chefs who have made pizza-making into high art. Fans of the show can expect to see chefs Franco Pepe (whose pizzeria in Caiazzo, Italy, Pepe In Grani, is widely regarded as one of the best pizza destinations in the dish's home country), Gabriele Bonci, Chris Bianco, Ann Kim, Yoshihiro Imai, and Sarah Minnick. From Kyoto to Arizona, each chef has their own style, their own technique, their own unique backstory, and their own idea of what makes a perfect pizza.

Is there really enough material to focus an entire season of "Chef's Table" on one dish?" All signs point to yes. The U.S. seems to have an insatiable appetite for pizza. In 2016, Americans named pizza their favorite comfort food (via CNBC), and according to Food Network, the average American eats 6,000 slices of pizza in their lifetime (that's 750 eight-slice pizzas). Those interested in seeing how some of the tastiest versions of this iconic food are created around the world can tune into "Chef's Table: Pizza" on September 7 on Netflix.