The Hilarious Burger King Tweet That's Too Relatable

Posting on social media as a fast food chain is like walking a tightrope. For big corporations like Burger King, the stakes are higher. A statement with even a nuance of something disagreeable or politically incorrect can backfire and turn the post into a faux pas. Why, then, are Burger King and other fast food giants still active on social media when it is such a perilous environment for them? 

According to a study on Research Gate, fast food companies like Burger King gain meaningful insights into their markets by generating interactions with their customers. A recent example of such an interaction came on Twitter, with the burger chain highlighting a funny and familiar conversational slip-up. Burger King decided to have some good-natured fun at the expense of their customers, making light of human nature and a common Freudian slip guests make out of courteousness. The tweet is relatable, but needless to say, it still received a mixed reaction.

What is Burger King making fun of?

Does this sound familiar? After serving you, the food service staff bid you a good day and tell you to enjoy whatever it is that you bought from them, and you, in response, say, "You too." Before your words are cold, you realize what you said and look at the employee to see if they caught it. You are relieved that they seem oblivious to the slip-up as they zone in on their console, so you think, "No worries, they never caught it." 

Well, you are wrong. The Burger King employees hear you when you say it, and according to the fast food chain's August 4 tweet, they remember "when you said 'you too' after the bk employee said 'enjoy your meal.'" Apparently, the next time they see you, they think to themselves, "Here is the customer who wants me to enjoy my meal too even though I am not eating," while beaming at you from ear to ear.

One fan replied to the tweet saying, "well they should enjoy the food too," to which someone who was obviously not a fan said, "Nobody enjoys Burger King." A creative user weighed in on this exchange with what seems like a remedy: "After saying 'you too,' offer them a bite out of your burger to avoid further embarrassment."