The Starbucks Treat That's Making Redditors Want To Buy A Plane Ticket

In addition to classic menu items, Starbucks locations across the world feature drinks and treats inspired by regional favorites. This can make traveling even more exciting, as a Starbucks in China will have different offerings than a Starbucks in the U.K.

According to The Travel, Starbucks drinks especially try to make use of local tastes. For instance, Starbucks Canada offers a maple syrup macchiato (per Grub Street), Starbucks South Korea sells an Avocado Yogurt Blend, and Starbucks U.K. makes a butterscotch brûlée latte.

Even Starbucks bakery items vary from country to country. Per Buzzfeed, Starbucks Philippines sells a purple yam bar made with ube, while Starbucks South Africa offers a mousse dessert called Berry Misu. Starbucks France, on the other hand, includes a strawberry cheesecake muffin on its menu. Yet another one of these regional treats made its way to Reddit, where it prompted many to start drooling and planning their trip.

Starbucks China is testing a sea salt espresso-flavored mooncake

Per a Reddit post, Starbucks China is giving a new bakery item a trial run. The item in question? A sea salt espresso-flavored mooncake. This new treat will join Starbucks China's other mooncake flavors: black pepper-flavored bacon, cheese white truffle, jujube with mixed nuts, osmanthus cranberry, light lime cheese, and lava custard. All around more exciting than a Starbucks cake pop (sorry, not sorry).

According to the Starbucks customer who posted about the new mooncake, these treats cost 40 yuan — or around $6 — per package. Mooncakes are a major part of China's autumn, and each year bakers create new flavors and ways of wrapping the treats (via the China Internet Information Center). For this reason, Starbucks China sells its mooncakes in variety packs and wraps them in fun ways.

Needless to say, Starbucks-loving Redditors were "enamored" and joked about flying to the country just to try a sea salt espresso mooncake. Others wished that Starbucks China could ship its mooncakes to the United States, with one person going so far as to suggest that Starbucks locations across the world set up an exchange system. Seems like a pretty good idea.