The Unique Way Customers Can Now Order Popeyes

The only thing stronger than the joy of scoring a flat screen TV for a fraction of its retail price is the disappointment of learning that its sole function is to display the Popeyes menu. Sadly, that's exactly what went down for one young man whose TikTok video of the event recently went viral. "My dad bought a 70-inches [sic] TV from a guy on the street for only $50 ... but all it shows is the Popeyes menu," he laments. "How can we fix it???" Commenters swooped in with some advice that hopefully provided a solution. Over at Popeyes corporate, though, the video also motivated the Southern-inspired restaurant franchise to devise a solution of its own.

As restaurants make moves toward joining the metaverse in this brave new world referred to as Web3, Popeyes used the TikTok noise over its digital menu to launch its very own Twitch channel. The channel allows customers to order fried chicken sandwiches and other items in an interactive digital space. 

PopeyesLIVE is ready to take your order

The man who bought the Popeyes TV is clearly frustrated by the dupe, but he might have been consoled if his living room's new 70-inch device could also be used to order actual food from the restaurant chain. According to a Tuesday report from IGN, the viral TikTok video led to Popeyes' Twitch debut, allowing customers to order food by using special chat commands on the streaming platform.

After taking a look at the sliding menu displayed on the channel's homepage, customers can type codes like "!ComboMeals" or "!ChickenSandwich" to get their orders started. After receiving your commands, the streaming bots will then redirect your browser to a pre-filled cart on the Popeyes website. The process is not so different from ordering food directly from Popeyes' website, but you have to give the brand credit for turning an unfortunate event (faulty TV) into a happy one (warm chicken and biscuits for gamers).