Gordon Ramsay's Birthday Post For His Wife Is Melting Hearts

Gordon Ramsay is known for his tough disposition. Fans of his television show appearances know that the acclaimed chef isn't afraid of tough love, his behavior on television often bordering on loveless. Even some of Ramsay's industry peers have noticed. J. Kenji López-Alt called out Ramsay's "abusive" behavior in 2021, and after a video mash-up of iconic Ramsay outbursts made the rounds on social media in 2018 (via Grubstreet), several food industry professionals shared their opinion that, "This is everything that has been wrong about restaurant kitchen culture" (via Twitter).

So yes, there are controversial things everyone ignores about Ramsay, but these days it really does seem like he's softened up, and his transformation is seriously turning heads. He's a father of five, and he often shows his softer side in social media posts involving his kids and wife (via Hello). In fact, the once-gruff chef recently showed off his sentimentality in a Twitter post wishing his wife a happy birthday.

Ramsay wished his gorgeous wife a happy birthday

In a post on Twitter, Gordon Ramsay shared a photo of himself standing in a dark suit next to his wife Tana, who is wearing a sparkling gold dress with her auburn hair loose and wavy. "Happy birthday to this gorgeous lady," Ramsay shared in the caption. "Lots of love." Tana, a successful cookbook author herself, turns 48 this year (via Parade).

Fans replying to Ramsay's tweet seemed to think his gesture was beyond sweet. "I think that is the first time I've seen Gordon blush! It's so sweet that she can still have that affect on him!" gushed one fan. "Beautiful couple, beautiful family. Spoil her and take her to Jamie Oliver's for dinner," joked another person. Ramsay's birthday post to his wife garnered thousands of likes since it was posted Tuesday morning, so it's safe to say that fans are ready to celebrate along with the happy couple — and have apparently forgotten the biggest scandals to ever plague the chef