The High-Octane Method Rachael Ray's Husband Uses To Grill Steak

An iconic summer aroma comes from steaks on a grill. There are myriad opinions on the best ways to enjoy a grilled steak, including which cuts of beef to use, what temperature to cook those cuts to, which seasonings to employ in different quantities, etiquette around steak sauce, and pairings of sides. Despite the variety of tastes, there are some hard and fast facts about steak preparation that are worth universal observation, like how long a steak should rest before you serve it. 

Television celebrity Rachael Ray's chops when it comes to making recommendations for home cooks are well-seasoned; Biography points out that she's not only worked as the host of multiple cooking shows but authored cookbooks as well. Her husband, John Cusimano, has a few tricks up his sleeve, as well, and his steak-grilling hack doesn't just serve up a juicy cut — it does so in a short amount of time.

Some like it hot

On her show's website, Rachael Ray shared her husband's method for perfecting a steak on the grill. She says John Cusimano uses their Big Green Egg grill and turns the heat up to the max, about 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Cusimano sears the steak on each side for two minutes while the flames surround the cut of meat. Then, Ray explains, Cusimano cuts the flames off and allows the steak to continue cooking on just the heat remaining inside the grill for another two minutes. Thus, he produces a medium-rare steak in just six minutes.

Grilling is a great way to perfectly cook a steak, and others have recommended similar methods to Cusimano's. For example, Food Network suggests turning up the heat and searing the steaks on both sides before moving them to a cooler part of the grill. Weber notes that searing a steak develops its aroma and adds that a quick sear on both sides followed by exposure to indirect heat is a winning strategy.

The BBQ Depot positively reviews Cusimano's grill of choice, the Big Green Egg, calling the grill's ability to control the level of heat within "unparalleled." It seems Ray has picked a winner of a husband.