The Reason You Should Use Paprika To Season Fried Eggs

If you prefer salty over sweet, then there's nothing like eggs in the morning. According to Healthline, this breakfast is not only delicious but also one of the rare foods deemed worthy of superfood status. Packed full of vitamin A, choline, folate, phosphorus, selenium, protein, and healthy fats, this nutritional food is the closest thing to a flawless meal.

Whether you are craving something fancy, like a luxurious egg Benedict, or something sweet and simple, like an omelette, there are so many ways to consume this protein-packed food. Eggs can be poached, boiled, turned into a frittata, or paired with practically anything in your fridge. That said, almost everyone has a favorite way they like their eggs cooked — and in America, a classic fried egg is a fan favorite. According to a survey conducted by YouGovAmerica, most Americans prefer scrambled eggs, but enjoying eggs over easy is the next best thing.

Whether you like adding a dash of your favorite hot sauce, or a pinch of chives and truffle salt, there are so many different ways to dress up a fried egg! But, one of the big mistakes everyone makes when frying eggs? Not using paprika. Incorporating this flavorful spice into your morning meal can do wonders for your breakfast experience.

Sprinkle the paprika in the oil as well

If you are tired of frying your eggs in butter, Kristen Miglore from Food52 offers up an alternative cooking method that may be a game changer for you. All you need to recreate this Canal House recipe is olive oil, a little bit of smoked paprika, and an egg, of course! Miglore likes to add the crimson spice to the oil as well, to take this food to a new level. "Putting this spice in the oil flavors the oil, it toasts the spice at the same time, which deepens its flavor; it then flavors the eggs as well, as you are spooning the oil over the eggs, and then your sauce is delicious too," Miglore says. Sounds like it's a win-win!

However, pay attention to what type of paprika you sprinkle into your oil because it matters. There are three main types of paprika, and the variety you use will heavily impact the taste of your eggs. As the name suggests, sweet paprika tastes mild and sweet, while hot paprika has a spicy tang to it. Miglore recommends using smoked paprika in this recipe, but if you are feeling adventurous, you can also experiment with other spices, including turmeric and za'atar.

Looking for something to pair your eggs with? My Recipes recommends using bread smeared with a little bit of garlic and tomato. This is a great way to make the most of your flavored sauce.

Fry your egg in oil and a complementary spice

Not a huge fan of paprika? No problem! Canal House's cooking method works with various spices, according to Food52, from turmeric to the Middle Eastern seasoning blend za'atar. My Recipes recommends frying your egg in oil and a spice that is complementary to the rest of the meal. For instance, if you have rice sitting in your fridge, you can pair your leftovers with a fried egg cooked in oil and Chinese five-spice. To go the extra mile, elevate your dish with scallions and chili oil. If you are having Indian food for dinner, fry an egg in madras curry powder. The spicy, runny yolk will be the perfect dipping sauce for garlic naan.

Another yummy fried egg hack? Frying your eggs in bread crumbs! According to The Washington Post, eggs fried in bread crumbs are a great way to add a little bit of crunch to your morning meal. This recipe is inspired by a dish served at San Francisco's Zuni Cafe, where they pair these unique eggs with grilled vegetables or roasted mushrooms — diner's choice — plus a side of sausage or bacon.

Add some seasoning and garnish to your eggs as a final touch

Spiced oil or not, no fried egg is truly complete without a little bit of seasoning on top. First and foremost, you can't go wrong with adding a sprinkle of salt and pepper to your yolks and whites. There's a reason this pairing is so common. According to Sauder's Eggs, salt helps "bring out the eggs' natural taste, while pepper adds a pop of outside spice."

Once your egg is cooked to perfection, you can also top it off with various garnishes. Chopped chives add a subtle onion taste to your eggs, while parsley adds a fresh and grassy kick (via Melissa Joulwan Well Fed). If you have already fried your egg in a spice like paprika or turmeric, it's already packing a punch. But if your eggs lack flavor, drizzling on your favorite hot sauce or red pepper flakes is a great way to add some zest to your dish. Sauder's Eggs recommends Sriracha as a complementary pairing that'll give your eggs "an exceptional zip of flavor."