Twitter Is Horrified By A Chaotic Papa John's Keurig Hack

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With a Kuerig, your daily dose of morning coffee can be as easy as snapping your fingers. This and the machine's made-for-one serving size likely contributed to 3 million people in the U.S. deciding to bring a Kuerig coffee maker home during 2020 (per Food Business News).

But although the coffee machine's popularity is largely thanks to its ability to provide coffee fanatics with caffeine quickly and easily (we've even taken the liberty of ranking some of the top-selling coffee K-cups), that's not the only warm beverage the machine can make. Kuerig's can whip you up some hot cocoa if you're looking for something sweet (via Amazon) or help you get cozy in the fall with a chai latte (per Walmart). And according to one Twitter user, your trusty Kuerig can even make a Papa John's inspired drink.

If you're already cringing at the thought of a savory Papa John's favorite somehow being squeezed into your coffee cup, you've been warned. This pizza-licious Kuerig hack is not for the faint of stomach.

Do you dare try this Papa John's Keurig hack?

"Become ungovernable" reads Twitter user Matthew Elliot's post, which features a photo of a Keurig with a cup of Papa John's special garlic sauce where a K-cup would normally sit. As a reminder, according to Papa John's website, pushing that Keurig button would mean being served up a piping hot cup of salt, soybean oil, and citric acid alongside the taste of buttery garlic.

People on social media took to the comment section to post how terrified they are of the Papa John's Keurig hack. One person described what they thought the make-shift Papa John's K-cup would taste like, saying, "Hot butter. Hot watered down butter." Another person, however, looked on the bright side, saying, "We on to something here. The health benefits of garlic are so tremendous. Garlic shots!" 

However, for all of the horror the Tweet caused, Papa John's official Twitter account reposted the photo, which seemed to almost challenge its fans to give the odd beverage a shot, stating, ​​"Woke up feeling dangerous." If you do really attempt this hack, we suggest that you expand your Keurig's cleaning schedule and sanitize the machine as soon as you've finished washing your mouth out with soap.