A Royal Chef Dished On The Princes' Favorite Decadent Tea-Time Treats

Many people love the Royal family and follow their lives in fascination and sometimes with a vested emotional interest in the good things or bad things that may happen to them (via Time). While the media portrays the Royals, we rarely get to see a glimpse of their daily lives. You may often wonder what their normal day looks like, what they typically do, or even what foods they like to eat. 

Carolyn Robb can provide some insight to satiate those cravings — she worked as the personal chef to Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry. From the time she was 21, Robb spent 11 years at Kensington Palace and described the experience as a "privilege" (via Town & Country). Now the chef is writing her own cookbooks and her second book, "Tea at the Palace: A Cookbook: 50 Delicious Afternoon Tea Recipes," was released recently. Each of the 50 recipes is accompanied by its own story including these two treats that were enjoyed by the young Princes William and Harry. 

Tasty treats for little princes

Carolyn Robb demonstrates how to make two of the recipes in her book in a video for Delish (via Twitter). The first is a biscuit or cookie. "The first time I cooked for William and Harry, William was six and Harry was three ... they had a selection of tea-time treats including these little bourbon biscuits." These treats contain no actual bourbon whiskey — rather, the name may be in reference to the French royal house of Bourbon (via BBC). Robb makes the cookies from scratch, cutting them into squares of chocolate and filling them with filling. The small holes in the cookie let steam escape to keep the treats from breaking while cooking (via Independent).

For the second treat, Robb says, "Prince William and Prince Harry loved to make meringues when they were little. So I absolutely had to show you how to make meringues." The recipe calls for just three ingredients — sugar, egg white, and powdered raspberry for color. The chef warms the sugar by itself in the oven for 5 minutes before adding it to the egg whites. Finally, she finishes off the treats with some sprinkles and candy hearts because most children, including the young Princes, enjoy fun colorful toppings.