Reddit Is In Shambles Over An Exotic Animal Visiting A Walmart

If there is anything Walmart shoppers can agree upon, it's that there's always a sight to see at the superstore. 

Walmart is known for offering every single item under the sun. From tortillas to tablets to trampolines, whatever shoppers can dream of, Walmart probably sells. With its myriad selections, it's no wonder that Walmart attracts such a broad range of shoppers throughout all 10,000+ locations. In fact, it is estimated that during the 2022 fiscal year, an average of 230 million customers walked through Walmart's doors every week (via Statista), which means over 30 million customers daily. 

No matter where they come from, most of us expect that these Walmart shoppers would be human. However, to the shock of Reddit, a furry customer joined its human companion on a Walmart shopping spree. While it's not certain what species the creature may be, what is certain is that it's not something Walmart sees every day.

Maybe not a raccoon, but still a rare sighting

In a video posted on the Walmart subreddit jokingly captioned "What is the creature and why does it have a raccoon on a leash," a Walmart shopper is spotted holding their finicky critter on a leash. In the background, other shoppers can be seen gathered at the end of the aisle, clearly amused by the surprising spectacle. 

Surely, shoppers have seen their fellow Walmart frequenters bring their beloved pet dogs and maybe even pet cats, but this animal is definitely outside of the box for furry friends that accompany customers on grocery trips. Members of the subreddit have been sharing their thoughts on what the creature may be, if not a raccoon. Many believe it to be a coati, which is the raccoon's South American relative (via San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance). Others thought it was a lemur.

Despite the surprised response of both onlookers in the store and on the internet, when it comes to Walmart, it's probably safe to say that stranger things have happened within the walls of the retail giant.