The Aldi Seafood Item That Has Reddit On Alert

Seafood is one of the most divisive cuisines on the planet. Even experts will tell you there are types of seafood you should and shouldn't eat. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) offers advice on what seafood is safe for children and pregnant women, and which should be avoided. One of the primary concerns of the FDA is the level of mercury present in a particular fish. "Choose a variety of fish that are lower in mercury," the website advises. It even offers a handy little chart to illustrate seafood to avoid.

Among those listed as more risky choices were things like shark, marlin, and swordfish. Safe fish suggested by the FDA are more traditional options such as tilapia, salmon, white tuna, scallops, and catfish.

One of the items the FDA recommends is oysters, though raw oysters can cause illness. But there's a Reddit thread where not everyone agrees on the topic of oysters — at least, when it comes to buying canned oysters from an Aldi. Both lovers of cuisine from the waters of the world, and those who abhor anything with that fishy taste, were represented on the thread. There was no deciding factor in the debate, but passions certainly ran high.

Aldi oysters: great, terrible, both, or neither

The Original Poster (OP) kicked off the Reddit thread with an ambiguous headline: "The smoked oysters are... an interesting thing I just ate." They then captioned their image, "Maybe next time I'll use them in a trusted recipe and not just a la carte like a savage," suggesting that their preparation might be part of the problem. People were quick to start offering suggestions.

"The green box is pretty good, especially on something crackerish. I have mine on tortilla chips," was a suggestion that garnered a lot of good responses.

Some made the point that the OP might have merely eaten the wrong box. "The treat are the red box ones," offered up one commenter, who said there's "a single chile in the tin ... Yum!"

Another vocal social media visitor showed how Aldi oysters were causing domestic strife. "My husband loves those smoked oysters. I won't touch them," they said. This showed the division that appeared on the thread, as well. There was love, hate, and lots of ambivalence to echo the OP's opinion.

"Can confirm," offered a commenter. "They are.... An option. It's a good guilty snack when you're alone and no one can judge you," implying the oysters might not only be bad, but worthy of carrying shame along with them.

Whether good or ill, it seems if you find yourself craving oysters, these must be tried, if only to be able to join such a heartfelt debate.