Reddit Doesn't Know What To Think About Costco's Watermelon Rings

At this point, pretty much everyone knows that you can buy some pretty bizarre things at Costco. Of course, "bizarre" covers a wide variety of products, from crazy bulk goods you'll never need –- like a six-gallon bucket of mac and cheese –- to wildly niche items like $6,000 doomsday prep kits and four-foot-tall wine glasses.

Another one of these unique Costco products is the Snak Club Tajin watermelon rings. According to Instacart, the watermelon rings are watermelon-flavored gummies coated in a Tajin chili and lime seasoning. Tajin seasoning itself is a tangy mix of chili peppers, sea salt, and lime, and is used in a variety of Mexican recipes.

Needless to say, this sweet and spicy treat isn't for everyone. In fact, Snak Club's Tajin watermelon rings received mixed reviews on Reddit, with some people saying they absolutely loved the candy, and others saying they didn't like it at all.

Why can't Reddit agree on these Tajin watermelon candies?

When one Costco shopper asked about the Snak Club Tajin watermelon rings on Reddit, little did they know this was a hot subject –- pun intended. Many others quickly responded to the post with their opinions of the candy.

Those who didn't like the gummy candies said the watermelon flavoring was too weak, though to be fair, watermelon candy usually doesn't taste like real watermelon. Others complained about the soft texture. Still others commented on the 300 mg of sodium per 4-piece serving.

On the other end of the spectrum, a few people liked the candies. One person wrote that "the Tajin gives the rings a nice salty spicy kick that brings out the watermelon." Another person said the candies were "fun," while someone else called the Tajin watermelon rings their new favorite candy. Others compared them to Costco's peach ring gummies.