The Costco Steak Redditors Are Calling Their Favorite

The deli of any store is a magical place, if you know what you're doing. When you've learned exactly how to shop at a deli you can find delicious cuts of steak that are dirt cheap. On the other hand, if you're one of the uninitiated you can easily waste a huge amount of money getting overpriced slices of meat that require strong grilling in order to cook properly. The difference between saving dough while you stock up on savory sustenance or throwing away your paycheck is all in being aware of what's worth the cost, and what you need to pass on by.

For those who are seeking a way to get a succulent cut of meat and save money, one Redditor posted a picture of the proper path. They offered up a type of meat that every carnivore would do well to put on their shopping list. If you want to know where to get this delectable hunk of goodness, you need venture no further than Costco.

Picanha steak has everything you could ever want for your next barbecue

When Redditor LambdaBoyX took a snapshot of some picanha steak cuts for $5.99 at their local Costco, they opened up a whole world of advice from chefs from every corner of the globe. It seems everyone wanted to weigh in with both their tales of tasty meals made with picanha steak, as well as advice on how to cook the meat to make this cheap slice taste expensive.

"My suggestion is either reverse sear the whole roast or steak and grill. Sous vide also an option," said one commenter when asked how they would go about cooking up picanha. "+1 for reverse sear, preferably via smoker," said another meat maven on the thread.

For those who have never had the pleasure of picanha, it's also known as top sirloin cap meat or rump cap, and is hugely popular in Brazil, so says steakhouse Texas de Brazil.

Texas de Brazil also says it is a "culotte steak" and is uncommon in U.S. grocery stores. One Redditor lamented, "I dont get picanhas at any of my local Costcos," to which another replied, "Have you asked the meat department employees? I have great luck at certain locations." Therefore, make sure to ask if you want this type of steak but don't see it while you're shopping.