Amaury Guichon's Chocolate Purse Has Instagram Amazed

If you're a fan of Netflix baking shows, you're likely familiar with "School of Chocolate" star Amaury Guichon. Guichon grew up on the French/Swiss border and attended culinary schools in both countries. According to his Pastry Academy bio, Guichon created his own series of master classes in 2017, which he taught around the world. He then launched his own school, the Pastry Academy, in 2019.

Today, Guichon lives in Las Vegas with his wife and runs his culinary school alongside fellow chef Michel Ernots. However, Guichon is not just all work, no play. His Instagram account, which has 9.5 million followers, is full of his whimsical culinary creations, from a functional Connect-4 game made entirely of chocolate all the way to an 8-foot tall chocolate giraffe. His latest project, made to look like a runway-ready fashion accessory, has Instagram just as amazed as any of his other posts — maybe even more so. 

No need to carry a snack when your purse is a snack

Confections king Amaury Guichon had Instagram under his spell yet again when he posted a video of him creating a purse made entirely of cake and chocolate. After filling the chocolate purse with layers of cake, cream, and what appears to be caramel sauce, Guichon makes a detailed upper flap, complete with stitching, a gold logo, and a gold chain.

To little surprise, the video quickly racked up 1.1 million views and more than 11,000 comments, most of which expressed being stunned by the results. People wrote that they were "always in awe" of Guichon's projects, and "always blown away."

Others joked that this was the kind of designer purse they'd be willing to spend money on. And still others could only express their dismay that Guichon cut into the purse at the end of the clip — which isn't too far off from what happens to Guichon's other chocolate masterpieces. Even though it pains us all to watch him cut into his creations, he is free to have his cake and eat it too.