Every McDonald's Slushie Flavor Ranked From Worst To Best

When you're looking for a quick snack, meal, or drink, McDonald's is a popular fast food joint where you can do so. With the (usually) quickly made burgers, hotcakes, and McFlurry, there's a little something for everyone at Mcdonald's — especially when it comes to the colder beverages. Whether you like a pineapple mango smoothie, or sweet iced mocha, you can find it all on the Mcdonald's menu (Unless their mocha machine isn't working again). Regardless, there are loads to choose from if you're ever in need of a cold drink, and Mcdonald's supplies just about anything you can ask for — including slushies.

McDonald's slushies are something many people look forward to when the warmer weather hits, as they provide a cool, sugary, and colorful way to cool off. The company has offered a myriad of different flavors in the past, often rotating its slushie flavors to offer its patrons a sweet sip of something new. Depending on how frequently you've ordered off of McDonald's drink menu, it's possible you've come across most of these slushie flavors, and have had strong preferences regarding one or the other. Here is a list of McDonald's slushie drinks, ranked worst to best, so if you're craving one of these flavors, you'll know which one to get.

9. Minute Maid Tropical Mango

Another way to taste the sweet sensation of summertime is through tropical fruit-inspired drinks such as this next slushie flavor. McDonald's Minute Maid Tropical Mango Slushie is made with the flavor of sweet mango, along with some passionfruit flavoring, to make for sweet, fruity delight. It's orange, much like a frozen orange beverage, but with less of a citrus taste. It is branded however to have just as much refreshing and delicious flavor within it. Like most McDonald's slushies, this mango drink tastes pretty great. Is it just as amazing as some of their more iconic flavors, though? We're not entirely sure it is.

If you're a lover of mango beverages, this flavor honestly might be a bit of a letdown. The flavor is comparable to a drink that is loaded with artificial sweeteners, and for a drink loaded with sugar — and a LOT of it (via McDonald's), that's not necessarily a good thing. An online reviewer of the drink also notes that the flavor could be mistaken for peach as opposed to mango (via The Impulsive Buy), so if you're a lover of pure, mango flavor, you may be overwhelmed by the overly sweet taste of the beverage. Overall, it isn't bad, but it's definitely not the best.

8. Minute Maid Strawberry Watermelon

Strawberries and watermelons are perfect for the summer season, and the two fruity flavors make for a delicious slushie combination. McDonald's Strawberry Watermelon Slushie utilizes sweet strawberry flavors, and combines them with "candy watermelon" taste for a sweet-tasting slush drink. The drink is a beautiful dark pink color, so not only does it taste great, but it looks great, as well, and presentation is half of what makes up a good drink, so there's definitely a lot going for this flavor — but you're likely most concerned about the taste, and we're happy to say that's just as wonderful.

The Strawberry Watermelon slushie drink is incredibly sweet, with 49 grams of sugar in just a small cup of the beverage (via McDonalds), so do be careful with this drink, along with most of these slushies. If you can get past the overly sweet drink, you'll be met with a strong watermelon candy flavor, which is definitely appealing to some. However, we could totally see why that high sugar count might be off-putting to some patrons, and why you may want to avoid it. Flavor-wise, this is sweet, like liquid candy, and like most of the other slushie drinks, there's a LOT of sugar in this — and you can taste it with every sip. 

7. Minute Maid Fruit Punch

We should continue this article by stating that none of McDonald's recent slushie drinks are relatively bad in terms of flavor. In fact, for the most part, they all taste pretty fantastic. So even though this slushie is in the bottom half of the list, that doesn't mean it was awful, or that you wouldn't like it. The Fruit Punch flavored frozen drink was made up of a fruit punch flavored lemonade drink turned into a slushie. It was sold back in 2019, and has frequently made a return to McDonald's drink menu for limited amounts of time. The fact that it frequently comes back should tell you that it's tasty enough to make a return to the menu.

The slushie wasn't bad, but it was released alongside the likes of McDonald's Sweet Peach and Blue Raspberry flavored slushies. We aren't saying the Fruit Punch flavor was inferior to either of them, but if we were given the choice between blue raspberry and fruit punch, we feel as though most people would want to go for the former. Again, this isn't to say the fruit punch slushie is bad, it tastes just like you'd think it would ... like a frozen fruit punch. But when put against the other slushie drinks that McDonald's has offered, this one is a little more average.

6. Frozen Coca-Cola Classic

What's a more iconic American soft drink than an ice-cold Coca-Cola? Nothing can top popping open cans of the sweet, fizzy drink when you're feeling parched — except for, perhaps, a frozen Coca-Cola flavored slushie drink. McDonalds has featured a Coca-Cola flavored slushie on the menu for a limited time, taking the sweet, iconic flavor of the soda, and putting it into a refreshing, frozen flavored drink. If a Coca-Cola is good, then how could a Coca-Cola beverage in slushie form not be? The answer is that it can't be bad — a little over the top when it comes to sweetness, but not bad in any other way.

This refreshment tastes pretty spot-on. If you like the sweet drink of a classic Coca-Cola, then you will absolutely adore this drink. Sweet, slightly fizzy, and with a bubbly, light consistency, there's not much you could say against this drink. Reviews for the drink while it was around in 2021 note that the flavor is pretty spot on compared to the actual soda drink (via YouTube). Yeah, it's pretty sweet — some people might find it too sweet for their palate, but if you're okay with the extra sweetness, and make sure not to overdo your sugar intake, then this drink could definitely become a favorite.

5. Minute Maid Frozen Pink Lemonade

When Summer kicks off, and the heat is blasting down on you, what's a better way to cool off than a lemonade? A frozen lemonade? How about a pink frozen lemonade? Two years ago, McDonald's released three slushie drinks, one of them being the chain's frozen Minute Maid Pink Lemonade Slushie (via TotallytheBomb). Of the three drinks, the pink lemonade flavor was the only new one, as the other two had been offered previously. Though they were only around for a limited time, when the slushie was on McDonald's menu, they were all the rage, and not just because of the beautiful, eye-catching pink color.

A lemonade, no matter how frozen or pink it is, is a classic drink to have when it gets hot, so for Mcdonald's to only build upon the drink's popularity by making it a slushie drink — was definitely enticing. Reviews for this drink note that the drink wasn't as tart as a typical pink lemonade, and a little sweet (via Youtube), while others thought that the balance of the sweetness and light tartness made for a delicious frozen drink (as per Instagram). There was an overall positive response to the drink, so if enough people want it, there's a possibility Mcdonald's may hear our cries and bring it back.

4. Minute Maid Blue Raspberry

There are few flavors as iconic as blue raspberry. No, blue raspberry isn't an actual fruit that you can compare the flavor to, but it's definitely up there as one of the most popular flavors in the flavor market. Our next slushie drink taking on this flavor is McDonald's Minute Maid Blue Raspberry Slushie. It's described by the company as perfect for the summer season, and being made up of a fruity and sweet blue raspberry flavor. Being blue raspberry flavored alone gives this drink an edge, but does it stand up to the other slushies on this list?

The first thing to note is that this slushie, like most of the entries on this list, has a LOT of sugar in it. It has 51 grams in total (via McDonald's). However, unlike the other overly sweet slushies the fast food chain has, you can actually taste the blue raspberry, so it definitely gets points in that regard. Again, you'll definitely have to be careful with this drink in terms of your sugar intake, and we can see why some people might deem it "too sweet" for them, but overall, it's a solid slushie, and we wouldn't mind it turning our tongues blue after enjoying it.

3. Frozen Sprite Lymonade

The next drink we have on this list is McDonald's Frozen Sprite Lymonade. This drink is made up of the taste of Sprite's iconic lemon-lime flavored drink, with an extra note of lemonade, all whipped up into a frozen slushie drink. The drink was only available in participating locations for a limited time over the summer of 2022 (via Fox 8), and is surprisingly very light. A small cup of the drink only has 60 calories, according to the frozen drink's page, and 15 grams of sugar — which is still a lot, but compared to some of the other McDonald's drinks you can find, that's not as bad.

In terms of flavor, this drink has been described as tasting a whole lot like a frozen Sprite, with an extra note of citrus (via Tik Tok). A single sip of the drink led the person reviewing the drink on their Tik Tok profile to fall absolutely speechless, so you know it was good. Not only is it light and slightly healthier, but it tastes good too, so this drink has a lot going for it. Though Sprite might not be everyone's favorite soft drink, we definitely suggest you get this frozen drink when it's around, because it's just that delicious.

2. Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry

There are few fruit flavored sodas that are loved as Fanta. Though it's usually sold in its iconic orange flavor, the brand sells its soda in many different flavors, with the more popular ones becoming slushies. The Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry is a bright red beverage consisting of the flavor of sweet and fruity cherry candy. If you're a fan of Fanta, or have enjoyed a bright cherry Slurpee drink from 7-Eleven, then you'll likely have an idea of what this drink is kind of like, and if you like those drinks, then there's a good chance you'll like this beverage as well.

Not surprisingly, the drink has a heavy cherry candy taste, but it isn't as sweet as some of the other McDonald's slushies, so the flavor really has a chance to shine. It's a surprise that McDonald's doesn't have more Fanta-flavored slushies on their drink menu, because the chain hit this one out of the ballpark in terms of its vibrant red color, along with its incredible flavor.

1. Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry

At the top of this list, we have the Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry drink. It's a beautiful drink, with a light blue color, and an airy texture to match. Like the cherry version of this drink, it's a lot like a 7-Eleven Slurpee, except with an incredible blue raspberry flavor. It's definitely very sweet, but not as sweet as some of the other slushie drinks, so you actually taste the rich, bold, and unforgettable flavor of this blue beverage. It's only around at McDonald's for limited periods of time, like most of the other slushies on this list, but while it's around, you're in for a sweet, sensational time.

The frozen Blue Raspberry Fanta drink comes off with a very strong flavor that pops, according to some reviewers who gave it high marks (via YouTube). Though McDonald's only keeps most of its slushie beverages around for a limited time, we could see ourselves wanting this Fanta drink year-round, and hope the Golde Arches keep it around longer. Out of all the McDonald's slushie drinks featured on the menu, this one is definitely one of the best, and we highly suggest you try it out when the chain brings it around.