Instagram Answers The Age-Old Debate Of The Correct Order To Eat Five Guys In

One of the best things about the internet and social media is being able to connect with people all around the world and share our thoughts and opinions, and while the internet can be a chaotic place at times, it's also resulted in some of the greatest food debates. Some of the most controversial ones include: "Is a hot dog a sandwich?" "Is cereal a soup?" "Should butter be stored in the fridge?" "Does pineapple go on pizza?" "Should you use a spoon or fork to eat macaroni and cheese?" and "Are Pop-Tarts really just ravioli?" (via HuffPost).

Of course, it all depends on personal preferences and there isn't a right or wrong answer to many of those questions. Nonetheless, people can get pretty heated in their discussions.

Now, what about the age-old question of the correct order to eat a burger and fries? Thankfully, major fast-food chain Five Guys took to their Instagram page to answer the question for us.

Instagram users say prioritize those Five Guys fries

Five Guys posted a picture of their famous burger and fries to their Instagram page with the caption, "Burger or fry, which one gets the first bite?"

A few comments read, "Burger first, then fries" and "[A]lways the Burger," but as more and more people shared their opinions, the definitive winner was fries first. "Fries! While I'm unwrapping my burger," one user commented. Another said, "Fries always [be]cause [I] hate them cold."

One person even went as far as giving their eating order for the whole meal: "Fries> burger> fries> burger> finish the burger > finish the fries."

While it's completely up to each individual person and you won't be chastised for the way you eat your Five Guys meal, there might be a nutritional approach. It's known as food combining. Per Healthline, food combining is the idea that eating certain foods together can help with digestion and other health issues. While there hasn't been much research so far on the topic, nor is there much evidence to support it, the idea suggests that you shouldn't combine proteins with starches, acidic foods with starches, and proteins with other proteins. As long as you don't follow the idea of food combining, you can freely eat your fries before your burger or vice versa.