The Doritos Fried Chicken That Has TikTok Mesmerized

If you find yourself in possession of a bag of mostly-eaten Doritos and don't know what to do with it, you might want to take a page out of the book of TikTok user @syllygirl, who demonstrates how to make tortilla chip-encrusted chicken strips in front of skeptical social medias crowd. She adds two eggs and milk, to a bag of Doritos before mixing it up and then adding chicken breasts that have been seasoned with salt, pepper, and onion powder before coating it with flour, and then tossing it in the chip, egg, and milk mix. The chicken strips are then fried in a panful of oil.

The post, which was liked by more than 1.1 million users, was picked up and reshared by TikTok star Kelz Wright, where it picked up an additional 900 thousand plus views and more than 100,000 likes. @Kelz, who boasts 5.8 million followers, regularly shares cooking TikToks with his reactions alongside them. And from the look of things, Kelz was impressed by what he saw. 

"Trust the process," the dubious TikTok user is heard mumbling before demonstrating he was blown away by the outcome in the video, which was also shared on Twitter, where it clocked up 7.4 million views.

The cooking hack was viewed by millions but proved to be divisive

But while Kelz Wright seemed enthusiastic by what he saw, those who viewed his video on Twitter were more skeptical. One Twitter user said: "Cheetos mix is better. Let the chicken set for 10 minutes (place in fridge to speed it up) after the first batter so the flour becomes moist & adheres (fuse) to the chicken better. This will make the second battering stick (fuse) to the first battering layer better." Another sniffed, saying, "Ok listen, if you have Doritos as one of your main ingredients its either Redneck food or prison chef skills. No in-between."

Wright's TikTok followers were also divided over the hack, with one saying: "She [should have] placed the Doritos in a gallon-sized see-through ziplock bag to see [if] it's finely chopped. Instead of guessing where each is." But another was more supportive, saying, "I did this with Cheez-its and it was such a hit. I didn't have breading and just tried it. it was amazing." And a third said, "this but with spicy nachos and ranch dressing as a dipping sauce." 

Still, the fact the video was divisive should come as no surprise. As one of @syllygirl's followers pointed out: "The start made me want to call the cops. The end made me want to try it ... Full range of emotions in this one."