Hardee's Is Teaming Up With A Brewery To Create An Unusual Beverage

American beer has come a long way. Pabst Blue Ribbon may have won a prize back in 1893 (per Smithsonian Magazine), but thankfully, these days the American craft beer industry has resulted in thousands of different breweries to choose from — more than 9,000 in the US alone in 2021 (via The Guardian). There are even delicious craft beers for people who hate IPAs, which is a relief after IPAs dominated the craft market for so long. Creative brewing is alive and well. 

From banana bread beer to peanut butter porters and stouts, and from beer brewed with yeast from someone's beard to one inspired by maple bacon donuts (via Vancouver is Awesome), there are lots of ways to incorporate unexpected ingredients into a beer. But still, craft beer fans might want to brace themselves for this unique new brew made with fast food, a collaboration between restaurant chain Hardee's and Nashville brewery Southern Grist Brewing Co. Hardee's is known for its "Made Fresh Biscuits," and the new beer uses this signature ingredient in a surprising way. 

This beer is brewed with biscuits

Fast food chain Hardee's, or Carl's Jr. in some areas, is known for its biscuits, so it makes sense that biscuits would be the ingredient that made it into a beer. To create Southern Grist Brewing Co.'s Strawberry Biscuit Ale, more than 200 pounds of Hardee's biscuits were used in the brewing process. The cream ale also boasts notes of strawberry jam and buttermilk (via People). 

Beer fans who want to try this limited-time offering can visit one of Southern Grist's tap rooms in Nashville, where the beer will be served starting September 1. The company can also ship to a handful of states listed on their website. People can also try to order cans through the Tavour app, a craft beer shipping company. Those who can't get their hands on this Hardee's biscuit ale might have luck with others. Believe it or not, there are several other biscuit-inspired beers to choose from, like Moon Biscuits from Memphis brewery Wiseacre, or one could try the opposite, and try baking biscuits made with beer (via Homesick Texan).