Whatever Happened To Peter Pan's Whipped Peanut Butter?

While there is evidence of peanuts being ground up for consumption as far back as the Incan civilizations, the modern form we all know as peanut butter can be attributed to a few people who pioneered the peanut butter-making process. In America, these included John Harvey Kellogg, who produced peanut butter in 1895 (via The National Peanut Board), and George Bayle, who created his own version of the nutty goodness and sold it as a snack in St. Louis in 1894, per The New Yorker. When Joseph Lambert, an employee at Kellogg's Battle Creek Sanatorium, produced a machine to make the product on a larger scale, peanut butter became an affordable alternative to meat, especially during World War I (via Smithsonian Magazine).

Peanut butter has since then become a beloved staple and versatile ingredient in many recipes. From chocolate to cereal to sandwiches and even chicken dishes with a spicy peanut sauce, it's almost like its own food group. According to National Day Calendar, there's even a National Peanut Butter Day that falls on January 24th for its fans to truly celebrate. This should come as no surprise considering peanut butter has been in Americans' homes since the early '20s, when it first became mass produced (via Slate). 

Whipped peanut butter has a huge fan base

Of course, most people love the original peanut butter in its creamy or crunchy form, but like most food products, a variation comes out. In 2011, Peter Pan posted on Facebook, "If you want all the taste and creaminess of Peter Pan Peanut Butter with fewer calories, try our Creamy Whipped variety for a lighter version of the taste you love."  

During the pandemic in 2020, whipped peanut butter disappeared from supermarket shelves, and people were confused. In November 2020, a fan responded to one of Peter Pan's Peanut Butter's Facebook posts, "I've waited three months for the whipped EVERYWHERE. It's the only kind I like." Soon after, the peanut butter brand replied, "We're still committed to getting this peanut butter back on store shelves, but it's taking longer than we anticipated. We know it can be frustrating to not find something you've had for so long, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We truly appreciate your patience as we work hard to get this back to your local stores." 

So, despite supply and production delays caused by the pandemic, it seemed that the company had every intention of bringing Whipped Peanut Butter back to loyal consumers.

The fate of whipped peanut butter

Unfortunately, that hopeful comment for the return of the whipped nutty delight took a different turn. Monica Gratzer, a representative of Peter Pan's parent company, Post Consumer Brands, confirmed with Mashed that the whipped peanut butter is indeed being discontinued. Cue the tears. "We made the difficult decision to discontinue our Peter Pan Whipped Peanut Butter due to ongoing supply and production constraints." Ms. Gratzer said that Peter Pan continues to "face supply chain challenges. These challenges caused us to focus our attention on our best-selling items, and unfortunately, despite its unique offering and passionate fan base, Whipped was not a top-selling item."

If you look elsewhere, you may be disappointed. Sadly, Peter Pan isn't the only brand to have stopped selling whipped peanut butter, with Jif also discontinuing its variation. The only option for fans of the light, creamy concoction is to make their peanut butter at home.